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Учебно-методический комплекс по дисциплине «Иностранный язык» Направление: 050300. 62 Филологическое образование

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ТипУчебно-методический комплекс
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Test 8

Present tenses for the future. Refer the situations to the future actions or the present ones.

A)Future B) Present

  1. - What's the man doing?

- He is mending the bike.

  1. - What are they doing?

- They're watching TV.

3. - What are you doing on Saturday?

- We're visiting the Tower.

4. - Can you mend the table?

- Sorry , but I'm washing my car.

5. - Is Ann coming to the concert tomorrow?

- No, she isn't.

6. - Your sister is walking the dog, isn't she?

- Yes, she is.

7. - What time are Nick and John coming?

- I believe, Ann knows.

8. - When does the plane leave?

- It leaves at 8.00 p.m.

9. - Who's standing with John at the moment?

- I'm sorry, I don't know.

10. - Are you working next week?

- I think, I am.

11. - What time does the film begin?

- I suppose at 7.30, as usual.

12. - Are you meeting Jane this evening?

  • I hope so.

Test 9

Simple / Continuous. Choose either the Present Simple or the Present Continuous in the following sentences.

A) Present Simple B) Present Continuous

1. He's in the bath room. I ____ (to think) he ____ (I wash) his hair.

2. Can I speak to your parents, please?

I'm sorry. They____ (to have) lunch at the moment.

3. I usually ____ (to cook) meals, and my brother ___ (to wash) the dishes.

4. Mr. Anderson ____ (to be) an English tourist who ____ (to travel) to Eastern Europe tomorrow. Just now he ____ (to have) breakfast at home. After breakfast he ____ (to go) to do a lot of things.

5.She's a school teacher. She ____ (to teach) maths.

6. I _____ (to wear) glasses only for reading and watching TV.

7. On Sundays they ____ (to have) dinner at a restaurant.

8. Oh, I ____ (to go) to work as a nurse in Africa, in Kenya, and I____ (to look) forward to it because it's such an exotic country for me.

9. Some pupils are outside. They ____ (to try) to get in.

10. The weather____ (to be) terrible today.

11. You can't miss him. He ____ (to wear) a white jacket, and he ____ (to carry) a striped umbrella.

12. We ____ (to wear) woollen clothes in winter.

13. We ____ (to organize) a holiday walking tour in the North of Scotland. We____(to go) to cover 150 miles of mountainous country in ten days. It ____ (to go) to be a hard work. We ____ (to go) to be wet, cold and tired a lot of the time. But it ____ (to go) to be fun!

14. It ____ (to rain) again.

Test 10

Simple / Continuous. Choose either the Present Simple or Present Continuous in the following sentences.

A) Present Simple B) Present Continuous

1.The coffee ____ (to taste) delicious.

2. We ____ (to look for) someone who ____ (to want) to make money.

3.John ____ (to play) in the school team this season.

4.____ you ____ (to see) that nice butterfly near the stream?

5. If you ____ (not to listen ) to the radio, please ____ ( to switch) it off.

6. I____ (to hear) someone speaking in the next room.

7. We ____ (to see off) our grandparents this morning.

8. Don't disturb him. He ____ (to water) flowers in the garden.

9.The cook ____ (to taste) the soup to see if it is right.

10. I (to like) this cake, I ( to taste) almond in it.

11. I (not to want) to go anywhere. I (to have) a headache. I

( to feel) tired.

12.It __ (to get) dark. Let's go home.

13. Jane (to have) got cold. I (not to think)she'll come to the party.

14. I ____ (to have) my hair cut on Tuesday.

15. The sea ____ (to grow) calmer. We can go to the beach in the afternoon.

16. You ____ (always to make) mistakes in your tests. You should be more attentive.

17. What ____ they ____ (to laugh) at? They ____

(to seem) to be very happy.

18.I ____ (to see ) my employer on Wednesday morning.

19. Who ____ this suitcase ____ (to belong) to?

20. The world ____ (to change) rapidly in such fields as business, art and medicine.

Test 11

Future Simple. Fill in the blanks.

A) will B) won't C) shall

1. How old ____ you be next birthday?

2. Our teacher is ill so she ____ be at school next week.

3. We haven't got any money so we ____ go on holiday this year.

4. ____ you be at home tomorrow?

5. It's already 5 o'clock. I'm afraid they catch their train.

6. ____ I send the letter immediately?

7. Who ____ meet you at the station?

8. Your English is good. I'm sure you pass the test.

9. What time ____ I come this evening?

10. If you don't work hard, you ____ pass your test.

11.I ____ get the book for you. This ____ take long.

12. The train arrive at the station on time, it?

13. Do sit down, you?

14. Where I go to buy all these things?

15. There be any trouble,____ there?

Test 12

Will / be going to. Choose either the Future Simple or be going to in the following sentences.

A) will B) be going to

  1. It probably ____ (not to rain) tomorrow.

2. ____ you ____ (to come) to my house, please?

3. Why have you got the flowers?

Because I ____ (to visit) my teacher.

4.The sky is very dark. It ____ (to rain).

5. Come to the party.

- OK. I ____ (to bring) my friend.

6. I ____ (to walk) the dog.

Wait a minute, and I ____ (to come) with you.

7. I probably never (to learn) this poem.

8. I (to stop) smoking - I really will.

9. Have you decided what to buy Alex for his birthday?

Yes, I ____ (to buy) a computer game.

10. I love sewing. I ____ (to be) a fashion designer.

11. How about going for a picnic at the weekend?

That's a good idea. I ____ (to make) a cake.

12.What fashion ( to be) like in the year 2000?

I’m sure people (not to wear) long dresses and suits. Clothes ___ ( to be)

comfortable and simple.

13. How long ____ it ____ (to take) you to do the work?

14. John, ____ you ____ (to do) me a favour?

15. Look at that tree. It ____ (to fall) down.

Test 13

Future actions. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present Simple or Future Simple.

A) Future Simple B) Present Simple

1. If I ____ (to be free) tomorrow night, I ____ (to go) to the concert.

2. He says he ____ (to look in) to see us before he ____ (to leave) our town.

3. Jane ____ (to stay) at home until she ____ (to feel) better.

4. When ____ you ____ (to visit) your grandma? - Probably next year.

5. When my brother ____ (to finish) school he ____ (to go) to college.

6. I _____ (to tell) you as soon as I ____ (to know).

7. I'd like to know when Dan ____ (to be back).

8. Give my love to Laura if you ____ (to see) her.

9. I ____ (not to know) when she ____ (to take) her


10. I don't think we ____ (to finish) our work in time

unless you ____ (to help) us.

11.I ____ (to give ) you my bike for tomorrow providing

you ____ (to bring) it back the day after tomorrow.

12. Mother says we____ (to have dinner) after she____ (to unpack) our things.

13. Don't get off the train until it ____ (to stop).

14. You may take this book if you ____ (not to keep) it too long.

15. Your boss ____ (to give) you the day off on condition that you ____ (to work) on Saturday morning.

16. Provided that they ____ (not to do) anything stupid, they ____ (to win) tonight's match easily.

17. Unless he ( to arrive) soon, we ( to have to) go without him.

18. I ( to wonder) if they ( to follow) our advice.
Past Simple. Present Perfect. Present Perfect / Present Perfect Continuous

Test 14

Was / were. Put in was or were.

A) was B) were

Last night I had a strange dream. I ___1___ in the world where all the colours 2 different. The grass 3 orange, the trees 4 white; in the green sky there 5 a purple sun and a moon the colour of blood. I 6 a child again, eight years old, and I 7 lost. But I 8 not frightened. In front of me there 9 a long street, stretching away as far as I could see.

There 10 no people, but all around me I heard the noise of big insects. It __11___ neither cold nor hot. I walked until I came to a church. In the church there 12 hundreds of people, all looking at me. They started to come towards me, slowly at first, then faster and faster. Then I woke up.
Test 15

Questions. Choose the correct variant of the question.

Bill was at home last night. He cleaned his clothes. First he put them in the washer. Next he added soap. Later he placed the clothes in the dryer. Then he folded them. Bill was very proud he did it himself.

1. A) Did Bill at home last night?

B) Did Bill was at home last night?

C) Did Bill be at home last night?

D) Was Bill at home last night?

2. A) Who did be at home last night?

B) Who was at home last night?

C) Who did at home last night?

D) Who did was at home last night?

3. A) When did Bill at home?

B) When did Bill was at home?

C) When was Bill at home?

D) When did Bill be at home?

4. A) Who cleaned clothes last night?

B) Who did cleaned clothes last night?

C) Who was cleaned clothes last night?

D) Who did clean clothes last night?

5. A) When Bill cleaned his clothes?

B) When did Bill cleaned his clothes?

C) When was Bill cleaned his clothes?

D) When did Bill clean his clothes?

6. A) What he did first?

B) What was he do first?

C) What was he did first?

D) What did he do first?

7. A) Where he put them?

B) Where was he put them?

C) Where he was put them?

D) Where did he put them?

8. A) Why he placed them in the dryer?

B) Why did he place them in the dryer?

C) Why was he placed them in the dryer?

D) Why did he placed them in the dryer?

9. A) Was he folded them after that?

B) Did he folded them after that?

C) Did he fold them after that?

D) Was he fold them after that?

10. A) Was Bill proud?

B) Did Bill was proud?

C) Was Bill did proud?

D) Did Bill proud?

11. A) Why he was proud?

B) Why did he proud?

C) Why was he proud?

D) Why he proud?

Test 16

Present / Past. Read the text. Fill in the blanks in the questions.

People used to get water mostly from streams, lakes and rivers. Then cities started growing. This brought many people to one place. They needed more water for their homes and factories.

Sometimes it didn't rain for a long time. Then the rivers had very little water left. People learned to save water for these dry times. They built places in which to

store water. They called these places reservoirs.

Reservoirs hold water until people in cities need it. Large pipes carry water from reservoirs to the city. People also get water from wells.

Years ago, people lifted water out of wells in buckets. It was hard work and took a long time. Now they pump the water up. The pump makes it easier for people to get water where they want it.

A) do B) does C) did D) is

E) are F) was G) —

1. Where ___ people use to get water from?

2. What ___ started growing?

3. Why ___ the rivers have very little water left?

4. What ___ people learn to do for the dry times?

5. What ___ people build to store water?

6. How long ___ reservoirs hold water?

7. What places ___ people call reservoirs?

8. What ___ reservoirs for?

9. How ___ people lift water out of wells years ago?

10. ___ you think, it ___ hard work?

11. How long ___ it take them to lift water out of wells years ago?

12. What ___ the way to get water now?

13. What ___ people do to lift water out of wells now?

14. ___ the pump make it easier to get water where they want?

Test 17

Regular / irregular verbs. Which of the verbs are regular ones? Write in the correct form of each verb in the Past Simple.

R) regular verb I) irregular verb

On the 15-th of October, two men ___1___ (to try) | to get to the top of Everest. They ___2___ (to make)| their camp at the bottom of the mountain. They 3 (to feel) very well in it. It ___4___ (to be) the highest camp on the mountain. The night before the climbing, they ___5___ (to drink) tea and had supper. They 6 (to discuss) what to take with them to the top. The ___7___ (to decide) to leave their sleeping bags and tents because the equipment 8___ (to be) too heavy.

Early in the morning they 9 (to have) breakfast and _10 (to get) dressed. Then they 11 (to start) to go up the mountain. It 12 (to be) extremely difficult. The snow 13 (to be) very deep. After a long, hard fight they 14 (to reach) the top together. They 15 (to laugh), 16 (to shout) and 17 (to take) some photographs.

Then the sun 18 (to disappear) and the two men 19 (to realize) they 20 (to be) on the top of Everest and it 21 (to be) almost night. Their camp 22 (to be) too far to reach. They 23 (to go) a little way down the mountain, but there 24 (to be) no moon and it ___25 (to be) too dangerous.

They 26 (to have) to spend the night on the mountain, at about 10,000 metres, with no tents, sleeping bags or food. They 27 (to believe) it 28 (to be) possible. They 29 (to dig) a hole in the snow, and 30 (to bury) themselves. They 31 (not to sleep). It 32 (to be) -30 °C. When the light

33 (to come) at last they 34 (to begin) climbing down, and soon they 35 (to get) to their camp. They 36 (to be) happy.
Test 18

Present Perfect. Fill in the blanks.

A) already B) yet C) still

1. Have you made your bed ____ ?

2. He's ____ come back from jogging, and he's a bit tired.

3. - Have they woken up ____ ? - No, they are ____ asleep.

4. I haven't had a bath ____ .

5. My brother has graduated from the university.

6. He's ____ set the table.

7. We haven't seen your best friend ____ .

8. Will you ____ love me when I'm old and grey?

9. I've ____ combed my hair. I'm dressing now.

10. He's ____ setting the table.

11. They are here. They haven’t gone .

12. She's __ looking for her notebook.

13. They are waiting for a bus. The bus hasn’t arrived .
Test 19

Fill in the blanks with time words where necessary.

A) since B) for C) —

1. My parents have worked for this company ___ 1993.

2. My elder brother left school ___ three years ago.

3. We have known the Smiths ___ they moved to Bridge Street.

4. John has played in the school team ___ two years.

5. Mr. Dave was Jane's teacher ___ last year.

6. The team hasn't lost matches ___ several years.

7. Tom has been ill ___ a week.

8. They have had a new car__ January.

9. I slept well __ last night.

10. We've known each other __. a long time.

11. They lived in Australia ___ one year.

12. I haven't seen him ___ last night.

13. I played the guitar ___ three years.

14. It's been ages ___ my last meal, and I'm very hungry.

15. That theatre was closed many years ago.

Test 20

Choose the correct word suitable for each sentence.

1.I have been late for school.

A)ever B)never C) yet D) as

2. Have you forgotten a friend's birthday?

A) ever B) never C)yet D) as

3.Have they watered the plants ?

A) ever B) never C) yet D) just

4.I've not peeled the potatoes .

A)ever B)as C) yet D) always

5.Have you finished your lunch?

- No, I'm ___ eating it.

A) always B) still C)yet D) recently

6. He's been to Paris ___ .

A)once B) never C) yet D) ever

7. I haven't had bad dreams .

A) already B) several times

C) yet D) so far

8. Have you had a holiday ?

  1. just B) this year

C)ever D) for a long time

9.Has he driven a car ?

A) just now B) before

C) ever D) for a long time

10.I haven't eaten any fruit .

  1. just now B) today

C) never D) yesterday

Test 21

Present Perfect / Past Simple. Use either the Present Perfect or Past Simple in the following sentences.

A) Past Simple B) Present Perfect

1. George went to the cinema, but he____ (not to enjoy) the film much.

2. ____ you ever ____ (to have) any serious illness?

3. I (to come) to school without glasses. I can't

read the text.

4. Who ____ (to eat) all the apples?

5. So far we ____ (to have) no troubles.

6. Jane ____ (to move) to a new flat a month ago.

7. We ____ (to wonder) where he gets his money.

8. Do you know that they ___ (to be born) on the same day?

9.How often ____ you ____ (to fall) in love?

10. I'm delighted to tell you that you ____ (to pass) your


11.I ____ (to use) to swim every day when I was young.

12. Some people think that "The twelfth night"____ (not to be written) by Shakespeare.

13. I ____ (to break, already ) two plates. Shall I go on washing up?

14. I'm not sure we (to meet) before.

15. You ____ (to be, always) my closest friend.

16. When ____ you ____ (to go) to Brazil?

17. It's two months since I ____ (to start) driving my car.

18. This is the first time I ____ (to eat) so many hamburgers.

19. My father ____ (to work) for that company for 5 years. Than he gave it up.

20. I ____ (to use) to be afraid of dogs.

21. Susan ____ (to use) to sit in her room and play the piano for hours.

Test 22

Present Perfect / Perfect Continuous. Use either the Present Perfect Simple or Continuous in the following sentences.

A) Present Perfect (have / has done)

B) Present Perfect Continuous (have / has been doing)

1. I ____ (to try) to open this box for the last forty minutes but in vain.

2. It ____ (to snow): the garden is covered with snow.

3. Who ____ (to break) the window?

4. You ____ (to smoke)! I can smell tobacco on your clothes.

5. It's the best book I ____ ( ever to read).

6.I ____ (to listen) to you for the past half an hour, but I can't understand what you are speaking about.

7.How long your aunt ____ (to be ill)?

8.The school ____ (to be closed) for two months.

9.Hey! Somebody ____ (to drink) my coffee! My cup was full.

10.I don't think I ____ (ever to see) her looking so upset before.

11. I ____ (to sit) here in the park for an hour, and I ____ (to meet) three friends of mine.

12. How much money have you ____ (to save) for the holidays?

13.I____ (to wait for) you since two o'clock.. I have something urgent to tell you.

14. She ( to take) guitar lessons this year. She is very patient and hard-working.

15. Last season our team didn't win many games, but this season we ____ (to lose) only one so far.

Past Continuous / Past Perfect / Past Perfect Continuous
Test 23

When (suddenly). Match the sentence on the left and the sentence on the right and make a new one linking with when.

1. Jane was walking home A) he fell off the ladder.

2. John was painting a picture B) she cut her finger.

3. Mr. Drill was driving to the airport C) their ball broke a window.

4. She was chopping potatoes D) the teacher entered the room.

5. Dan was climbing a tree E) a branch broke.

6. We were having a picnic F) he spilled the paint.

7. Jill was sleeping G) the wind blew her hat off.

8. The children were playing football H) his car broke down.

9. He was painting the I) the telephone woke her up.


10. The students were talking J) it started raining.
Test 24

Past Continuous / Past Simple. Put the verbs into the correct form, Past Continuous or Past Simple.

A) Past Continuous B) Past Simple

1. ____ you ____ (to wait) for me at 5 p.m.? - Yes, I .

2. They ____ (to finish) their work at 11 o'clock and came home.

3. It ____ (to grow) dark, so we ____ (to decide) to return.

4. While Jack ____ (to sit) biting his nails, we ____ (to work) out a plan to cover up our traces.

5. A young man ____ (to run) out into the street. He ____ (to carry) a strange poster.

6. What ____ you ____ (to do) when I ____ (to phone) you yesterday?

7. John ____ (to listen) to the radio when the batteries ____ (to run) out.

8. The robbers ____ (to steal) the car and ____(to drive) away.

9. She ____ (to go) to buy a dress, but a thief____ (to steal) all her money.

10.She ____ (to slip), ____ (to fall) over and ____

(to break) her ankle. - The Royal Carriage ____ (to come) round the comer.

Everywhere people____ (to wave) and____ (to cheer).

Test 25

Past Perfect / Past Simple. Put the verbs into the correct form,

A)Past Perfect B) Past Simple.

1. Jane ____ (to wash) all the test-tubes after she____(to complete) the experiment.

2.She ____ (to do) the cleaning by 6 o'clock yesterday.

3.After the stewardesses ____ (to serve) lunch to the passengers, they ____ (to calm) down.

4.I ____ (not to have) my watch, so I ____ (not to know) the exact time.

5.He ____ (to feel) sick because he ____ (to eat) too much.

6. She ____ (to finish) her report, and was feeling rather tired, so she ____ (to go) to bed.

7. By two o'clock he ____ (to answer) all the letters he ____ (to receive).

8. The bus____ (to leave) before I ____ (to reach) the bus station.

9. As soon as they _____ (to finish) breakfast, they ____ (to run) out to play.

10. When we ____ (to meet) our friends they ____ (already to know) the news.

11. When you ____ (to call) me, I ____ (not yet to do) the sum.

12. She ____ (to intend) to make a cake for you, but she ____ (to run) out of time.

13. Hardly we____ (to go) to bed when somebody____ (to knock) at the door.

14. No sooner she ___ (to come) than she ___ (to fall) ill.

Test 26

Past tenses. Put the verbs into the correct form, the Past Perfect, Past Perfect Continuous, Past Simple or Past Continuous.

A) Past Simple B) Past Continuous

C) Past Perfect D) Past Perfect Continuous

1. The workers ____ (to be) on a strike for three weeks when the agreement on pay ____ (to be reached).

2. When she got the results of her medical tests, she realized that she ____ (to feel) ill since she ____ (to be) on holiday.

3. The door was unlocked. She ____ (to wonder) who ____ (leave) the door open.

4. He ____ (to play) football when the ball ____ (to hit) his head.

5. He ____ (to drive) to work for half an hour when suddenly his car ____ (to break) down.

6. When he arrived at the office he____ (to discover) that he ____ (to leave) all the necessary papers at home.

7. Susan ____ (to type) some letters when the boss (to ask) her into his office.

8. She looked tired. She____ (to type) letters all morning.

9. Yesterday afternoon it ____ (still to rain) when I ____ (to get) home.

10. He ____ (to clean) the car when the phone rang, so he ____ (not to answer) it.

11. When I ____ (to be) little, my mother ____ (to use) to feed me.

12. Jane's clothes were wet. She ____ (to wash) her dog.

13. Jerry ____ (to be) nervous, for he ____ (never to flow) in an aeroplane before. 14 I ____ (never to like) going to the cinema on my own

when I was a teenager.

15. Kate ____ (to dance), but when she saw a newcomer she ____ (to stop).

Test 27

Right / wrong — tenses. Find the mistake and correct it.

A) right B) wrong

1.We are here since April.

2.Have you been crying? - No, I've been chopping onions.

3.I wonder what will happen if he push this button.

4.How long are you working for this company?

5.It was a lovely day so we decided to stroll in the park for an hour.

6.This is the smallest dog I'd ever seen.

7.I know you are just pretending to read because you've got the book upside down.

8. Can you think of any other songs? We have sang all the ones we know.

9. I have ever been to Jamaica.

10. I used to walking to school, and I used to thinking that it was very unfair that I couldn't go there by bus.

11. Someone has been stealing my bicycle.

12. The students were working for two hours when the teacher told them to stop writing.

13. I already saw this film twice, but I'd like to see it again.

14. He looks angry! Had he been arguing?

15. She is cleaning her teeth at the moment.

16. The dog won't bother you unless you teased him.

78. We hadn't seen her at the party last night.

18. The more you study, the better results will be.

19. He isn't exactly a stranger - I had met him once before.

Test 28

Gerund / infinitive (1). Write what each word or expression is followed by.

A) to + verb B) verb + -ing C) both are possible

1.want 2. would like 3. sorry

4. decide where 5. begin 6. get used to

7. continue 8. pleased 9. regret

10.suggest 11. love 12. start

13.used 14. mind 15. go on

16. enjoy 17. remember 18. suspect of

19. hate 20. would prefer 21. would love

Test 29

Gerund / infinitive (2). Put the verb in brackets into the correct form, gerund or infinitive.

A) to + verb B) verb + -ing

1. I'm thinking of (go) to Brazil.

2. You cannot live without (do) such stupid things.

3. He isn't good at (drive) his car.

4. Try to avoid (lose) your temper.

5. He seems (know) everything about it.

6. It's no use (cry) over spilt milk.

7. Would you mind (repeat) your threat?

8. You should practise (say), "Red little lorry, yellow little lorry."

9. It's useless (argue) with him. He won't listen to any reason.

10. They were advised (take) a packed lunch.

11. Do you think it's worth (see) this film?

12. If you want (lose) weight, try (eat) less.

13. It's forbidden (smoke) here.

14. I'm not keen on (work) late.

15. I'm not very fond of (shop).

16. He managed (calm) her by promising to return soon.

17. Mary is crazy about (take) photographs.

18. In Arabia the usual way of (travel) is by camel.

19. You needed (add) some more sugar to that.

Test 30

Tense mixture. Decide which answer A), B), C) or D) best fits each space.

The Grasshopper and the Ant

A grasshopper spent the summer singing and dancing in the sun. One day he saw an ant hurrying by. She 1 and hot.

"Why __ you 2 on such a lovely day?" asked the grasshopper.

"I'm 3 food for the winter," the ant said and went on her way. She 4 all the other ants carrying food to their store. The grasshopper sang another song and carried on dancing.

When winter came and there 5 on the ground, the grasshopper 6 to eat. He 7 so he went and asked the ants 8 him some food.

"We worked all summer 9 our food. What

10 you do?" said one of the ants.

"I 11 singing and dancing," replied the grass­hopper.

"Well, if you 12 all summer and do no work," said the ant, "then you must starve in the winter."

MORAL: Always 13 for difficult times in the future.

1. A) looked tiring B) looking tired C) looked tired D) looks tired

2. A) do ... work B) do ... working C) are ... working D)is ... working

3. A) collect B) collecting C) collected D) collects

4. A) was joined C) joins B) was joining D)joined

5. A) was snow C) were snowed B) was snowed D) were snow

6. A) had no nothing B) didn’t have nothing

C) had nothing D) didn’t had anything

7. A) was hungried B) was hungry

C) wasn't hungry D) hungried

8. A) to give B) give

C)to gave D) gave

9. A) to collect B) collect

C) collected D) to collected

10. A) was B) were

C) do D) did

11.A) was busy B) were busy

C) wasn't busy D) weren’t busy

12.A) sing and dance B) sang and danced

C) were singing and dancing D) sings and dances

13. A)prepare B) prepares

C) prepared D) preparing

Test 31

Tense mixture. Decide which answer A, B, C or D best fits each space.

Once, when I was a young man, I 1 in India. One evening, after 2 in the forest all day, I was returning alone to the place where I 3 my tent. It 4

dark, and I was 5 along a narrow path. On my right was a wide river; on my left, a thick, dark forest. Suddenly I 6 two green eyes 7 at me from among the trees. A man-eating tiger 8 ready to jump on me.

What 9 I do? 10 I jump into the river and 11 my life by swimming? I looked to the right. In the river 12 an immense crocodile 13 welcome me with its mouth wide open.

I 14 that I shut my eyes. I heard branches 15 the tiger jumped. What do you think had happened? The tiger 16 right over me and was now in the jaws of the crocodile. 17 a true story, believe it or not.
1. A) was travelling B) was traveled

C) traveling D) were travelled

  1. A)hunt B) hunting

C) hunted D) some hunting

  1. A) had put on B) had put up

C) had put off D) had put in

  1. A) was get B) was got

C) was getting D) getting

  1. A) walked B) walking

C) walk D) was walking

  1. A) have seen B) had seen

C) saw D) was seeing

  1. A)look B) looked

C)looking D) had looked

  1. A) was get to B) was getting

C) got to D) was getting to

  1. A)can B) can have

C) could D) could have

10. A) Shall be B) Shall

C) Should be D) Should

  1. A) hope save B) shall hope to save

C) hoped save D) hope to save

  1. A) there was B) there were

C) it was D) it were

  1. A) waiting B) waiting to

C) waiting for D) waited for

14. A) was so frightened B) was so frightening

C) was as frightened

  1. A) moving as B) moving

C) move D) moved as

  1. A) has jumped B) had jumped

C) was jumped D) was jumping

  1. A) That is B) That was

C) That's been D) That had been

Test 32

Tense mixture. Decide which answer A, B, C or D best fits each space.

_1__ Boxtel who 2 the government about the letters in Van Baerle's house. Through his telescope he had seen Cornelious De Witte 3 the letters to his brother. He thought that these 4 secret letters about matters of government.

"Oh!" he said, "I 5 the officers of the government about this. As soon as he 6 away I shall go into his house and 7 the bulbs of the Black tulip and get the hundred thousand guilders."

Boxtel saw the soldiers 8 Van Baerle away.

Evening came, and the servants 9 the house. Night came; stars 10 in the sky, and from far below came the restless noise of the city. The sounds of the city died away into silence.

Then Boxtel took a lamp. He 11 quickly __ the wall. He forced open a window and went into the house. He .went up the stairs into the seed room. He 12 the box, on the table - everywhere; but there 13 bulbs. He looked again. No! The bulbs had gone. Where __ they 14 ?

  1. A) It were B) It was

C) There was D) There were

  1. A) was told B) has told

C) had told D) had been told

  1. A) give B) gives

C) was given D) had been given

  1. A) may B) might

C) may be D) might be

  1. A)say B) will say

C) tell D) will tell

  1. A) will taken B) will be taken

C) is taken D) is found

  1. A) find B) was leading

C) is find D) leads

  1. A) would lead B) were shut up

C) lead D) had shut up

  1. A) shut up B) had been

C) shutting up D) were

  1. A) has been B) had been

C) was D) were

11. A) climbed in B) climbed over

C) climbed through D) climbed under

  1. A)looked in B) looked for

C) looked out D) looked up

  1. A) was no B) was not

C) were no D) were not

  1. A) have ... gone B) were…gone

C) had ... gone D) had …been gone

Test 33

Mixture. Decide which answer A, B, C or D best fits each space.

There 1 about 9,000 different kinds of birds 2 the world. We can 3 birds in many ways. One way 4 birds is by whether they live on land 5 water. Another way is by the part of the world 6 live in. Some birds live in tropical or hot places, 7 in cold places. Birds can also 8 by what they eat. There 9 types of birds, and many ways to tell 10 apart.

Different birds 11 different foods. Sparrows and many small birds eat seeds. Tropical birds eat fruit 12 seeds. Swallows and chickadees are examples of birds 13 insects. Many 14 eat both seeds and insects and feed 15 to their babies. King-fishes are birds that 16 . They have long sharp bills which they use when catching fish. 17 even eat other birds.

  1. A) is B) are

C) was D) were

  1. A) on B) has told

C)in D) had been told

  1. A) not group B) to group

C) grouping D) group

  1. A) to group B) group

C) grouping D) to grouping

  1. A)and B) or

C) either D) under

  1. A) we B) it

C) you D) anothers

  1. A)others B) group

C) another D) grouped

  1. A) be group B) are much

C) be grouped D) are not any

  1. A) are many B) are much

C) is lots of D) are not any

  1. A)they B) their

C) its D) them

11. A) eats B) eat

C) are eating D) eating

12.A) as well as B) no

C) either D) not a

13.A) which eats B) that eat

C) who eats D) eat

  1. A) grown birds B) grew birds

C) growing bird D) grown bird

  1. A) these B) that

C) this D) their

  1. A) eat fishes B) eat fish

C) eating fish D) eating fishes

  1. A) Some birds B) Any birds

C) No birds D) Not a bird

Test 1

Identify errors in the underlined parts of the sentences. There is only one error in each sentence. Find it.

  1. He thinks she is beautiful, but I don't agree with her.


  1. I advise you check all your exam answers before you hand your paper in.


  1. I'd like knowing where you are.


  1. The light didn't work because anyone had taken the bulb.


5. The tourist have asked a passer-by how far the post office was.


6. A small boy often stands outside the bicycle shop and gaze at the wonderful


machines in the window.

7. Are you always go to bed without getting undressed?


8. Think how wonderful that will being when you have tamed me!


9.What will you be doing this time last year?


10.He said them that he was going to give up smoking.


11. Ice-cream was known five hundreds years ago.


12. Men have no most time to understand anything.


13. The Little Prince lived along on a tiny planet no larger than a house.


14. The ancient Hindus believed that the Earth was a bowl hold up by elephants.


15. American black bears appear in a variety of colour despite their name.


Test 2

Identify errors in the underlined parts of the sentences. There is only one error in each sentence. Find it.

  1. How dare you talk to me as that?


  1. I used eating a lot of chocolates, but now I'm on a diet.


  1. John asked me if I know where she lived.


  1. Kate felt very hot and sticky so she had had shower, and then she felt clean.


  1. It was such a cold day that the sea frozen.


  1. She looked as if she had seen a ghosts.


7.Everyone wonder if that is your crocodile.


8.Every people say you should run down a hill if you 're chased by a bear.


9.Astronomers believe and point out that stars, like or sun, made up of gases.


10.But there is not shop anywhere where one can buy friendship.


  1. Some people think that young players shouldn't be allowed to become


professionals until the age of 17 or l8 at last.


12.They say what the best thing to do when you meet a bear is to run.


13.In the beginning of the day I don't know quite when I'm going to sleep at



  1. More than fifteen thousand ships passes through the canal each year.


  1. In 776 BC the first Olympic games were held at the foot of the Mount


Olympus to honour the Greeks' chief God, Zeus.


Test 3

Identify errors in the underlined parts of the sentences. There is only one error in each sentence. Find it.

  1. Hardly had he got home when the phone rung.


2. Jake has hidden Angela's Christmas present in the


wardrobe and doesn't want his sister look there.


3. He felt better later because he had rested since lunch times.

4.You couldn't have seen me in Rome because I was staying in the country


since June to August last year.


5. Read the material as slow as you must to understand what it says.


6.I don't know why I'm laughing. I've never been so frightened


in whole my life.


  1. In the heavens, the stars seem stay in a fixed place among other stars in the



  1. Near the town where Antoine spent his school holidays was a large airfield,


and he never tired to going there to watch the planes.


9.It is hard for us to realize now that when great-grandmother


was a little girl there were no so things as light bulbs.


10.If you ask your mother for one fried egg for breakfast


and she gives you two fried eggs and you eat both them, who is better in


arithmetic, you or your mother?

11.Having well time and enjoying yourself, looking for happiness in life is


very important to American people.


12.In the America there are tennis schools which accept


children from as young as nine.


13. Black bears are the smallest of all American bears, ranged


in length from five to six feet.


14.If a disease is infection, it means that it can be spread from person to


person, especially in the air.


15.I don't really want to play football on Sunday. But since


there is no one else taking my place, I can't really get out of it.



Test 1

1. Your sister used to visit your parents quite often____?

A) didn't she B) wouldn't she C) doesn't she D) hadn't she

  1. I ____ that the students should study more.

A) am feeling B) feel C) is feeling D) feels

  1. How many times ____ (you) to Rome?

A) were B) have been C) was D) had been

4. Look. ____ sitting on the bench.

A) There is a kitten B) There is a kitten is

C) There a kitten is D) There is a kitten who are

5. I have no idea ____ .

  1. who's book is this B) whose book is this

  2. C) who's book this is D) whose book this is

6.Nancy tried to get the thread____ the eye of the needle.

A) to B)out C) in D) through

7.You'd ____ hurry up or else we'll be late

A) rather B)should C) better D) have to

8.I can hear a noise; I think ____ is outside.

A) some B) somebody C) somehow D) somewhere

9. Jane doesn’t have tonight.

A)many homeworks B) many homeworks

C) much homework D) many homework

10.Have you written names?

A)everybody B)everybody’s

C) everybodys’ D) everybodies'

11.Let me give you .

A) an advice C)some advice

B) the advices D) some advices

12. I don't like it here. Let's go somewhere .

A) else B) again C)more D) once

13. Where is centre of earth?

  1. -…- C) -… the

  2. a…the D) a…a

E) the…- F) the …the

14. ____ in Moscow.

A) Most my friends lives

B) Most of my friends lives

C) Most my friends live

D) Most of my friends live

15.I have interest in his problems.

A) very few B) very little

C) a very few D) a very little

16.I like these dishes, but ____ is a little small.

A) the cup of tea B) the tea's cup

C) the tea cup D) the cup for the tea

17.Although your sister is very popular, she is not as mine.

A) pretty as B) prettier than

C) so pretty D)more pretty than
18. I bought a pig this morning.

  1. nice big pink B) pink nice big

  2. big nice pink D) nice pink big

19.I could never be bored ____ football.

A) at B) about

C) with D) in

20. We came here to your parents.

A)speak C) to speak

B) speaking D)to speaking

Test 2

  1. Are you sure Ann use your camera?

A) knows to C) knows the

B) knows how to D) knows how

  1. When I saw the girl I was sure I ____ her before.

A) meet B) have met C) met D) had met

  1. Everybody____ work hard if they want to pass exams.

A) will must B) will must to C) will have D) will have to

  1. This car isn't going in the race.

    1. to drive C) to driven

    2. to be drive D) to be driven

  2. We would like you a present

A) give C) to give

B) giving D) to giving

6. I you to read this book.

    1. am wanting C) want

    2. wants D) am wanted

7. I will need about the incident before I make a decision.

  1. a few information

  2. a little information

  3. few information

  4. a little informations

8. My hair very dirty, I must wash .

  1. is … it C) isn’t …it

  2. B) are ... them D) aren't ... them

9. He seemed to be .

A)nice man C) a nice man

B) nice men D) a nice men

10. I bought yesterday.

A) two loafs of bread B)two loaves of bread

C) two loafs of the bread D) two loaves of the bread

No one could find Nick ____ .

A) somewhere B) nowhere C) anywhere D) everywhere

12. Russia and , United States are separated by Pacific ocean.

  1. -…-…-…-…

  2. the…the…the…

  3. -…the…-…

  4. -…the…the

13.How much money have you got?

A) None. B) Nothing.

C) No one D) No.

14. We have very money left.

A) few B) little

C) a few D) a little

15.This coffee tastes a little ____to me.

A) hottly B) hot

C) so hot D) too much hot

16. As soon as I reading the article, I will give it to you.

A) will finish C) finished

B) would finish D) finish

17. I don't want .

A) this dirty ones C) these dirty one

B) these dirty ones D) this one dirty

18. She is good languages, but she is bad math.

A) in ... in C) in ... at

B) at ... at D)at ... in

19.____ Jim, who is going to see her off?

A) Apart B) Beside C) Besides D) Except

20. You better lock all the windows and the front door before we leave.

A) should B) had

C) would D) ought

Test 3

1. late.

A) Not be C) Be not

B) don’t be D) don’t

2. Jane ___ three letters so far.

  1. Write B) have written

C) wrote D) has written

3. Will a lot of work next year?

A)there B) be there

C) there be D) there is

4. George __ any lunch so he was very hungry in the afternoon.

A) has B) had

C) doesn’t D) didn’t have

5. Ann eat less, she’s too fat.

A) shouldn’t B) should

C) mustn’t to D) must to

6. The teacher asked us to each other.

A) not talk B) to not talk

C) not to talk D) to not to talk

7.I’d like more ice-cream.

A) some B) not

C) any D) every

8. Jack cut when he was chopping carrots.

A) him B) himself

C) his D) oneself

9. They’ve already bought two .

A) trousers C) pair of trouser

B) pairs if trouser D) pairs of trousers

10. ____ informed immediately.

A) A police is B) Polices are

C) The police is D) The police are

11.They decided to go on a hike ____ the rain.

A) despite of B) in spite C) despite in D) in spite of

12.I wonder how much ____ on sale.

A)cost these shoes B) these shoes cost

C)do these shoes cost D) are these shoes cost

13. Amazon in ____ Brazil is ____ river in South America.

  1. - … the … - … - …

  2. the … - … the … -

  3. the … - … the … the

  4. - … - … the … the

14. ____ children ____ happy with their presents.

A) Both ... was B) Both ... were C) Both of ... was D) Both of ... were

15. Do you want to spread ____ honey on your slice of bread?

A) few B) little C) a few D) a little

  1. Kate hasn't seen her elder brother ____ three years.

A) since B) from C) for D) before

16. If the bus arrives ____ , we'll miss the train. A) lateness B) more late C) lately D) late

17. A) I will understand never my parents.

B) I won't never understand my parents.

C) I will never understand my parents.

D) I won't understand my parents never.

18. You were rude ____ him for no reason.

A) at B) with C) to D) on

19. I didn't enjoy the party, and Mary didn't.____ .

A) either B) as well C) neither D) also

Test 4

1. Mrs. Anderson is angry because her daughter____ to a stranger.

A) talking B) is talking C) to talking D) to be talking

2.Since they____ to New York he hasn't spoken Russian.

A) went B) has gone B)were going D) had gone

3.It is stupid ____ your homework.

A) not to do B) not doing

C) not do D) not to doing

4.I bought everything we need yesterday so I ____ go shopping today.

A) mustn't B) don't have to

C) haven't D) don't have

5.Will these clothes ____ by Saturday?

A) make B) made

C) be make D) be made

6.We ____ to come home earlier.

A) said him B) told him C) said to D) told to him

7.There were ____ interesting people at the party last


A) any B) not

C) no D) every

8.Just look at ____ in the mirror, you're so dirty!

A) your B) oneself C) yours D) yourself

9.The ____ pens and pencils are on the desk.

A) children B) childrens C) children's D) childrens'

10.The mice ____ the cheese.

A) have eaten B) have been eaten

C) has eaten D) has been eaten

11.____ easy questions to answer.

A) This is not B) These is not

C) This are not D) These are not

12. How soon we'll leave this place depends ____ the weather.

A) of B) on C) for D) from

13.I don't like using ____ phone, I prefer letters.

A) — B) the C) a D) some

14. Manchester is ____ city in the north of England.

A) — B) a C) the

15. ____ knew what we were doing.

A) Neither man B) Neither men C) Neither of man D) Neither of men

16.I'll see you in ____ quarter of __ hour.

A)— ... — B) — ... an

C) the ... an D) a ... —

E) a ... an F) the ... the

17. Nancy usually does her work very ____ and well, but today she seems a little absent - minded.

A) careful manner B) carefully C) care D) careful

18. A) Have you been ever to the Planetarium?

B) Have ever you been to the Planetarium?

C) Have you been to the Planetarium ever?

D) Have you ever been to the Planetarium?

19. He made a silly mistake. It was very stupid ____ him.

A) about B) with C) of D) to

20. This is the best film I have ____ seen.

A) still B) ever C) never D) so far

Test 5

1.Jack ____ regularly late for school.

A)— B) is

C) be D) does

2.This shoe ____ to Mr. Brown, I think.

A) belong B) is belonging

B) belongs D) are belonging

3.There ____ one in the yard last night.

A) were not B) were no

C) was not D) was no

4.____ wash the car. The paint is still wet.

A) needn't B) don't have to

C)mustn't D) have to

5.Dad didn't let us ____ to the disco.

A) go B) going C) to go D) to going

6.Barbara said that her grandma____ her some money.

A) give B) would give

C) will give D) would be given

7.Dave telephoned, but there was ____ at home.

A) nowhere B) nothing C) nobody D) no

8.That lonely old lady often talks to ____ .

    1. her B) yourself C) herself D) hers

9. My aunt's geese ____ nice and white.

A) is B) are

C) was D) has been

10.____ too difficult for me.

A )Physic is B) Physics is

C)Physic are D) Physics are

11.Are the new curtains longer than the old ____ ?

A) one B) one's C) ones D) ones'

12.Can you play ____ guitar?

A) — B) the C) a D)any

13. ____ sleeping.

A) All us was B) All of us was C) All us were D) All of us were

14. There ____ books to be read.

A) is always plenty B) are always plenty

C) is always plenty of D) are always plenty of

15. One fifth ____ in our class can speak German.

A) students B) of students C) of the students D) student
16.The coat was____ expensive that I couldn't afford it.

A) so B) too much C) too D) very

17. ____ Browns went to____ Greece for____ New Year's holiday.

A)—...—...— B) The ...—... the

C) The ... — ... — D) — ... — ...the

18. Will you listen to me ____ ?

A) attentive B) attentiveness C) attentively D) attention

19. A) Dan rode the horse quickly across the field.

B) Dan rode quickly the horse across the field.

C) Across the road Dan rode the horse quickly.

D) Dan quickly rode the horse across the field.

20. Jane was quite ____ his behaviour.

A) astonishing with B) astonishing at

C) astonished with D) astonished at

Test 6

1.The Stuarts ____ Africa is a very interesting continent to visit.

A) think B) is thinking

C) thinks D) are thinking

2. We sat by ____ sea and watched the birds in ____sky.

A) — ... — B) — ... the

:i the ... — D)the ... the

3. We've booked the seats for ____ .

A) seventh July B) the seventh of July

C) seven July D) the seven of July
4.We are going to Antalia as soon as ____ taking our final exam.

A) we're finish B) we'd finish

C) we'll finish D) we finish

5. This new perfume is not much ____ the others they have produced.

A) different B) different than C) different from D) different that

6. Please give me ____ .

A) a yellow B) a yellow one

C) yellow one D) a yellow ones

7. A) The dog chased the cat down the street quickly this morning.

B) The dog chased the cat quickly down the street this morning.

C) The dog chased quickly the cat down the street this morning.

D) The dog chased the cat quickly this morning down

8.She looks ____ about something.

A) alarm B) alarmed C) alarming D) alarmness

9. This is ____ I've ever read.

A) one of most boring book

B) one of most boring books

C) one of the most boring book

D) one of the most boring books

10. My friend was ____ going to the cinema.

A) most interested of

B) the most interested of

C) the most interested in

D) most interested with

11.1 wonder where ____ .

A) he did go B) he went C) did he go D) went he

12.Both Nick and George, ____ Dan, are studying medicine at Washington University.

A) as well as B) and well as C) as well to D) and as well

13.____ the traffic, I managed to arrive on time.

A) Despite of B) In spite C) Despite in D) Despite

14.Do you like _____ in the sitting room?

A) a furniture B) a furnitures C) the furniture D) the furnitures

15. ____ was brilliant blue.

A)Sky B) The sky C) A sky D) The skies

16. Could you please tell me where ?

A) is the nearest post office located

B) the nearest post office is located

C) is located the nearest post office

D) located is the nearest post office

17.____ a lovely flower! Thank you very much!

A) How B) So C) What D) That

18.If you don't know the meaning of this word, ____ in the dictionary.

A) chase it up B) look it up C) search it out D) find it out

19.Mike ____ wear a lot of warm clothes as it wasn't very cold.

A) needed to B) didn't need to C) I don't need to D) don't needed to

20.I would like to leave a message for ____ if I may.

A) they B) their C) them D) theirs

Test 7

1. He is ____ intelligent to be taken in by such a trick.

A) enough B) very C) too D) quite

2. Do you know how to measure the ____ of the building?

A) high B) height C) highness D)tallness

3. I wish the weather ____ not so cold.

A) will B) were C) be D)is

4. Would you please ____ write in ink on the books?

A) don’t B) not C) not to D) to not

5.We are all looking forward ____ your friends.

A) of seeing B) to see C) for seeing D) to seeing

6.Dad wants me ____ him a glass of cold water.

A) bring B) bringing C) to bring D) to bringing

7.Look. The baby ____ the dog's food!

A) shall eat B) is going to eat C) will eat D) would eat

8. It was ____ good idea to bring an umbrella - look at that rain!

A) such B) the C) a D) —

9.I've never insisted on your ____ to us.

A) come B) coming C) to come D) to coming

10.The bag ____ Jack had left in a bus was returned to him the other day.

A) what B) which C) whom D) whose

11. My parents bought two interesting ____ yesterday.

A) furniture B) pieces of furniture C) furnitures D) pieces of furnitures

12. His clothes ____ terribly dirty.

A) look B) is looking C) looks D) are looking

13. Did you fix these shelves ____ ?

A) all on yourself B) all at yourself C) all with yourself D) all by yourself

14. My mother's favourite flower is ____ .

A) rose B) a rose

C) the rose D) the roses

15. agreed to come.

A)Both young men B)Both the young man

C)Both of the young man D) The both young men

16. I don't understand how Jane could have made ____ in her composition.

A)such rude mistake B) so rude mistake such a rude mistake

C) such a rude mistake D) so a rude mistake

17. I think it's ____ . We can take pictures here.

A) enough lightly B) light enough

C) enough so light D) so enough lightly

18. I like to watch football on TV because you can see more ___ than from a seat in the stadium.

A) clearness B) clearer

C) clear D) clearly

19. It was rude ____ him to leave so suddenly.

A) of B)with

C) to D)about

20.Your argument is more ____ .

A) convincing than my B) convincing than mine

C) convinced than mine D) convinced than mine

Test 8

1. Can you hear the sound of ____ inside?

A) laugh C) laughter

B) laughs D) laughed

2. Even they were upset about the situation, they carried on with their work.

A) so C) though

B) in spite D)because

3. We were hurrying because we thought that the bell .

A) had already rang B) had already rung

C) has already rang D) have already ringing

4. I wish they ____ go so far.

A) haven't B) won't C) don't D) didn't '

5. We were ____ go out when the telephone rang.

A) on the point of B) about to C) just D) nearly

6. Last week my mother was in hospital so I ____, with my younger brother.

A) stayed B) staying C) was staying D) were staying

7.The plane to Paris ____ early on Monday morning.

A) will take off B) is going to take off C) would take off D) takes off

8.I don’t feel like ____ this article today.

A) to read and translate

B) on reading and translating

C) read and translate

  1. reading and translating

9.I can't bear ____in queues.

A)stand B) standing C) to stand D) to standing

10. John Kennedy was ____ of the United States.

A) the thirty five president

B) the thirty fifth president

C) the president thirty fifth

D) president the thirty five

11. That was ____ news.

A) sad B) sad piece of

C) a sad D) a sad piece of

12. I liked music,but the words were boring.

  1. the B) a

C) - D) some

13. That’s business but .

  1. anybody’s…my

  2. nobody’s…my

  3. anybody’s …mine

  4. nobody’s ...mine

14.Has anyone seen magazine I left in the dining room?

A)- B) the

C) a D) some

15. tourists stay here.

A) Only few B) Only little

C) Only a few D) Only a little

16. Your word is for me.

A) enough good B) good enough

C) good as enough C) good than enough

17. Jack overslept, and was ____ late that he missed his train.

A) so B) much C) too D) very

18.____ the more you get fat.

A) When you eat more B) Eating more

C) The more you eat D) More eaten

19.They may feel envious your success.

A) at B) on

C) with D)of

20. It is doubtful that students learn much .

A)from watching TV B)by watch TV

C)for watching TV D) to watch

Test 9

1. When a student I ____ to the discos every Friday night.

A) used to go B) are used to go C) use to go D) were used to go

2. Our mother doesn't ____ of eating between meals

A) agree B) allow C) suggest D) approve

3. If it ____ so late, we could have a chat.

A) won't B) weren't C) isn't D) not be

4. Let's ask him to do this work, ____ ?

A) will we B) shall we C) don't we D) are we

5. Today's weather isn't so cold as it was yesterday,___ ?

A) is it B) was it C) isn't it D) wasn't it

6. It's the first time my brother ____ to the Zoo.

A) was B) were C) has been D) had been

7. Mom, ____ some water on the table.

A) it is B) there's C) there are D) it isn't

8. My grandma makes me ____ carrots, but I prefer ice-cream.

A) eat B) eating C) to eat D) to eating

9. ____ never knows what to say in such situation.

A) No one B) One C) Someone D) Each one

10.Tell everyone I'll wait ____ here.

A) to him B) for one C) upon her D) for them

11.My grandparents ____ bread with the meals.

A) are used to eat

B) are used to eating

C) get used to eat

D) got used to eat

12.The bus you need is parked at ____ .

A) the lane two B) lane two C) the two lane D) lane the two

13.He went upstairs and had ____ .

A) wash B) the wash C) a wash D) not wash

14.____ rich pay higher taxes?

A) Does B) Do C) Does the D) Do the

15. The poor ____ access to education.

A) have less B) have fewer C) has less D) has fewer

16. The information ____ contained ____ article on biology.

A) was ... in an B) were ... in the

C) was ... on an D) were ... on the

17. Do you know all of the ____ in our town?

  1. mathematic teachers

B)mathematics' teachers

  1. mathematic's teachers

  2. mathematics teachers

18.Don’t mix up our suitcases, yours is almost the same .

A) like my B) as my

C) to main D) as mine

19. We are getting pretty fed up ____ him.

A) to B)of C) with D) upon

20. ____ orangutans live alone.

A) Near all B) The all C) Almost all D) The most all

Test 10

1. Can you look ____ my son for an hour while I go the dentist?

A) out B) to C) for D) after

2. It was not easy to understand the language _____, but after a few days we could communicate quite well.

A) first B) firstly C) at first D) first of all

3. They ____ cereal and fruit every morning.

A) are used to eat B) are used to eating C) used to eating D) use to eat

4.____you rather sit by the fire?

A) Don't B) Won't C) Will D) Wouldn't

5. Would you the telephone?

A) to answer B) answering C) answer D) to answering

6. Jane was here a few minutes ago, but she ____ now.

A) went B) has gone C) have gone D) had gone

7. Stop!____ crazy to drive so fast.

A)It is B)It isn't a C) There's D) There isn't a

8.The weather is too lovely ____ indoors.

Let's go somewhere.

A)stay B) to stay C) staying D) to staying

9. If you had told us earlier ____ she was, we could have invited her to our party.

A) who B) whom C)which D) whoever

10. Ann’s health is ____ better now.

A) more B) much

C) many D) less

11. I am scared of____ .

A) dark B) a dark

C) the dark D) some dark

12. They managed to reach the village ___ .

A) on own B) on their own C) of own D) of their own

13. I have no idea of ____ .

  1. geography of Scotland

B) geography of the Scotland

C) the geography of Scotland

D) geography of the Scotland

14. Agatha Christie was ____ well-known writer of 5 detective stories.

A) a B) the C) - D) an

15. We’ve spent time here.

A) so many C) so much

B) such many D) such much

16. We won’t start untill everyone arrived.

A) - B) has C) have D) had

17. Is it difficult to find a ____ in the centre?

A) three-bedroom flat

B) three-bedrooms flat

C) three-bedroom flats

D) three-bedrooms' flat

18. ____ you get to know him, the more you like him

A) As more B) The more C) More D) The most

19. If something makes you worried and unhappy, you are very upset ____ it. A) about B) with C) of D) to

20. Some Indian tribes used sign language____ with tribes that spoke a different language.

  1. to communicating B) to communicate

  2. C) for communicate D) for communicated

Test 1

1. A 2. B 3. B 4. A 5. B

6. A 7. A 8. B 9. A 10. B
11. A 12. B 13. C 14. C 15.A
16. B 17. A 18. B 19. A 20. B
21. C 22. C 23. C
Test 2

1. C 2. F 3. B 4. C 5. D

6. C 7. B 8. B 9. D 10. E

11. C 12. A 13. A 14. C 15. F

16. E 17. A 18. C 19. A. ,C C 20. C

1   ...   6   7   8   9   10   11   12   13   14

  • D) Was he fold them after that
  • A) didnt she B) wouldnt she C) doesnt she D) hadnt she
  • 10.Have you written names
  • D) Most of my friends live
  • C) so hot D) too much hot
  • B) at ... at D)at ... in
  • B) pairs if trouser D) pairs of trousers
  • A) of B) on C) for D) from
  • B) Have ever you been to the Planetarium
  • B) the nearest post office is located
  • A) such B) the C) a D)
  • C) the rose D) the roses
  • B) on reading and translating
  • D) president the thirty five
  • C) was ... on an D) were ... on the