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This job will require education and certification

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This job will require education and certification.

4. Read and translate the text. Do you agree that choosing a career is a problem for young people.

School! Lessons, games, clubs, homework. A bell rings. You go to a classroom. A bell rings. You have lunch. A bell rings. You go home. But one day you go to school for the last time. What to do after that? You realize that the time to choose one job out of the hundreds has come. It's going to be a hard choice and nobody can make it for you.

Before you can choose, you ask yourself quite a lot of questions. What do you know you are good at? What do you enjoy doing? Perhaps you enjoy working with your hands. Or you may prefer using your head – your brains. Are you interested in machines? Or do you like meeting people? It's difficult to know all the answers to these questions until you have left school and actually begun work.

5. Read the dialogue. Render it in indirect speech.


Jane: Hallo, Bob!

Bob: Hallo!

Jane: Oh, you've just left college, haven't you?

В ob: Yes.

Jane: What are you going to do?

Bob: Er... well, it looks like a choice between teaching or going into an office and... I think I'd much prefer to go in for teaching, because... well you get long holidays.

Jane: But, Bob, wouldn't you get bored with the same routine year after year teaching... teaching the same material to the children. And... a sense of responsibility you need — all those children, all those parents.

Bo b: Oh, look, it wouldn't be as boring as... as working in an office. Teaching is terribly stimulating. It's ... new every day — I'm sure I'd enjoy it.

Jane: But I mean, there's so much variety in office work! Look at my job: I'm dealing with people and their problems, there're new situations to cope with all the time.

Bob: Yes, that's quite true, but I think there's a number of differences between teaching and office work and, well, I think I'll go in for teaching because... it really attracts me.

  1. Read and translate the text.

Ethics Of Social Work
A most unquestionably rewarding career is one in which the well being of others is the main objective. A social worker is a professional whose agenda is working towards the betterment of others’ lives. Somewhat of a caretaker, whose complete and total dedication is for the noble cause of protecting human life and health in a moral and ethical manner.

Social workers must cope with many diverse patients who are facing deep, diverse patients. These practitioners are the bearers of ocean-deep private and confidential information, thus carrying an enormous responsibility. The patients are banking on that all information confided with their social workers will remain confidential. All entrusted information is kept private, however, there are times where it is imperative that such classified information will be revealed.

Confidentiality is grounded on the rights of privacy, yet nonetheless also on the responsibility to human life and security. Both are exceedingly of great magnitude and must be weighed individually on a case-by-case scenario using professional training. Human life is and evidently shall remain of the highest priority. If human life is at stake, it is the social worker’s obligation to protect the client.

6. Find the forms of the following words in the text.

Profession, to dedicate, to respond, to practice, to confide, to inform, to oblige, to train, to protect.

7. Make your own sentences using the following adverbs from the text.

Unquestionably, confidentially, privately, exceedingly, individually, evidently.

8. Tell your group mates why you chose social work as a career.

- What difficulties can you face in your work?

- Do you consider it exciting and rewarding?

- What career opportunities are there?
9. Compare your opinion about choosing a career with the following point of view:

Human Service

I believe that another form of education is to communicate in whichever way possible with people of different backgrounds. I choose the field of Social Services because I enjoy working with people. Helping someone solve or obtain things that are important to him or her is fulfilling to me. I was raised very simple. I was taught to say “yes, no, please and thank you”. I was taught to do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. Also always respect your elders. I was not forced to go to church nor was I encouraged to socialize with other people. I was allowed as child to do what made me happy but in the process consider other people feelings. It was important to me to make my mother proud, so I did what she wanted me to do.

During my undergraduate studies I read a book entitled “Mans Search For Meaning” written by Victor Frankl. This literary work has defined, clarified and validated my purpose. Frankl states, "A man who becomes conscious of the responsibility he bears toward a human being who affectionately waits for him, or to an unfinished work, will never be able to throw away his life. He knows the “why” for his existence, and will be able to bear almost any “how”. After reading that statement I immediately begin to reflect on my life and I was able to understand the meaning in and of my suffering.

The reason I decided to pursue a degree in social work, is because it would allow me to fulfill my destiny. As a child, I had experience many obstacles and I found myself constantly questioning the meaning of my life. Most of the time I didn't even have the will to live, I spent my adolescent years depressed, alone, confused and institutionalized. I was not hopeful and really didn't care what happened to me because I was convinced that I have already experienced the worst. As I got older I wanted to defy the odds and prove to so many people that I had potential and that I could amount to anything I put my mind to.

10. Read and translate the text. Speak on the role of a social worker in the society.

The Crucial Role of The Social Worker

The role of the social worker in our developing community has become indispensable. Their role has moved away from one of expediency in to one of necessity.

With the wide range of social welfare programs available, many social workers are finding themselves working with the community in an assortment of diverse settings. From the physical and mental health services, to their invaluable contributions through their work with the ministry, the social worker has been granted the ability to help rebuild and maintain the lives of those individuals who require their services.

The profession of social work is founded on humanitarian and egalitarian ideals. Social workers believe in the intrinsic worth and dignity of every human being and are committed to the values of acceptance, self-determination and respect of individuality. They believe in the obligation of all people, individually and collectively, to provide resources, services and opportunities for the overall benefit of humanity. Though their work they are able to assess, aid and prevent social problems for those in the community through direct and indirect involvement.

9. Read the text and tell, what sphere of social work you are interested in?

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  • Profession, to dedicate, to respond, to practice, to confide, to inform, to oblige, to train, to protect.