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Рецензент старший преподаватель Л. В. Семенова З. В. Руслякова, Л. Н. Сидорова Пособие. Развитие навыков профессионального общения на английском языке М: мгту га, 2006г. 36с

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Dialogue 1

Study and learn.

    • Good morning, Mr. White, glad to see you in Moscow. Did you have a good

    • Oh, yes, thank you. Everything was all right.

    • Well, Mr., Brown, let's discuss business now, what could I do for you?

    • I'd like to discuss with you some points of the contract.

    • Good. What's your problem?

    • It's the terms of payment.

Dialogue 2

    • Now, if you don't mind let's get down to business.

    • You have received our enquiry, haven't you?

    • Yes, we have studied it.

    • And what's your opinion?

    • As a matter of fact we're preparing an offer. I’m sure we’ll settle the problem.

Dialogue 3

    • Can you give us a discount for a bigger order?

    • Do you mean a quantity discount? O.K. Can you tell me the number of
      computers you're going to buy?

    • I think I can, but not now. I’ll give you the exact figure tomorrow.

    • Fine. See you tomorrow. Will 11 a.m. suit you?

    • It suits me fine.

Dialogue 4

    • This model is completely new.

    • Oh, it looks very attractive.

    • As a matter of fact your prices are not acceptable.

    • And what’s your idea of the prices then?

    • Will you give us a discount for a bigger order?

    • I'm afraid I cannot do it.

Dialogue 5

    • They say they're interested in our computers.

    • I’m very glad to hear that.

    • Can the computers be delivered in June?

    • Yes, I think we can meet these delivery dates.

    • Fine. What about the quantity discount?

    • We can give you a 10% discount it you have, say, 50 computers.

    • O.K. So, all problems have been settled and we can sign the contract now.

    • We'll do it as soon as the secretary types it. You'll have to wait a little.

    • Would you like to go to the theatre tonight?

    • That's a wonderful idea. Thank you very much. You're very kind.

Dialogue 6

    • First comes the problem of delivery terms.

    • Yes, that's right. It is the most important problem.

    • When will the goods be shipped?

    • The first lot will be dispatched in May.

    • And what about the other lots?

    • In August as we promised.

Words and conversational formulas

  1. To discuss business обсуждать сделку.

  2. to discuss some points of the обсуждать некоторые пункты

contract контракта.

  1. The terms of payment сроки оплаты (условия).

  2. Let’s get down to business давайте перейдём к делу.

  3. To receive an inquiry получить запрос.

  4. To prepare an offer подготовить предложение.

  5. To settle the problem решить проблему.

  6. To give a discount предоставлять скидку.

  7. Order заказ.

  8. To deliver доставлять.

  9. Delivery доставка, поставка.

  10. To meet delivery dates отвечать срокам поставки, принять сроки
    срокам поставки, принять сроки поставки.

  11. To sign the contract подписать контракт.

  12. Delivery terms сроки доставки.

  13. To ship the goods отправлять товар.

  14. Lot партия.

  15. To dispatch отправлять.

  16. What could I do for you? Чем могу помочь?

  17. What’s your problem? Какая проблема?

  18. Now, if you don’t mind теперь, если Вы не возражаете…

  19. As a matter of fact на самом деле, по сути дела.

  20. Do you mean Вы имеете в виду…?

  21. They say говорят.

  22. Actually фактически, на самом деле.


Complete the following: expressions:

  1. Good morning. Glad to...

  2. Did you have a good...?

  3. Everything was all...

  4. I'm for the first ... in Moscow.

  5. I'm sure Moscow will...

  6. If you don't mind let's get down...

  7. I'd like to discuss some ... of the contract.

  8. What's your…?

  9. What can I...?

  1. I'm sure we'll ... the problem.

  2. Can you give us ... for a bigger order?

  3. This model is ... new.

  4. As a matter of fact your prices are not...

  5. What's your... of the prices?

  6. I think we can ... these delivery dates.

  7. So, all problems have been ...

  8. We'll sign the contract as soon as the secretary...

  9. You'll have to ... a little.

  10. First ... the problem of delivery dates.

  11. We ... a discount for a bigger order.

  12. Can you ... a better price?

  13. These documents can be sent by ... mail.

  14. Are you going to ... in Moscow long?


Read the following conversation, in which two executives discuss the

risks involved in signing a contract with an American company. Compose
your own dialogues on analogy with the given one.

ken: What about this contract with the Americans, Jan? Don't you think its
great news?

jan: You seem to be forgetting, we haven't even started negotiating it yet.

ken: That's true. But surely you'd agree it's a great opportunity for us.

jan: That may be so Ken, but what if we can't supply them with everything
they want?

ken: What do you mean?

jan: Supposing we got the contract and… let's say we tied ourselves down to
delivery dates. Right? Are you with me?

ken: Uh huh.

jan: Well, if we had a strike here, like last year...

ken: You've got a point there. We'd never be able to meet the orders coming
in from the States.

jan: Exactly, if that happened, we'd be in trouble. It's no use signing a contract

ken Hold on a second, Jan. Surely the American deal could be very profitable
for us. We shouldn't miss it just because we might have layout problems.

jan: H’m... I don't know.

Practise reading the dialogues then act it out with your partner.


Meeting a Businessman

(It's the 21st of October, 10 o'clock in the morning.
Mr. Blake has come to the Russian Trade Delegation)


Blake: Good morning! My name is Blake. I'm from Blake and Co. I've got an appointment with Mr. Belov 10.15.

Receptionist: Good morning, Mr. Blake. Mr. Belov is expecting you. Will you take a seat, please?

Blake: I'm a bit early, ah?

Receptionist: That's all right. (In a few minutes Belov appears)

Belov: Oh, Mr. Blake, it's nice to see you here. How are you?

Blake: Fine. Thanks. And you?

Belov: Pretty well too, thank you.

This way, please. (They enter the conference room and take their seats)

Belov: Would you like a cup of coffee?

Blake: With pleasure. It's very cold and wet outside today.

Belov: Yes, the weather hasn't been very good lately.

Доброе утро. Моя фамилия Блейк. Я представитель «Блейк и Компания». У меня назначена встреча с г-ном Беловым в 10.15.

Дежурный (в приемной): Доброе утро, г-н Блейк. Г-н Белов ожидает вас. Садитесь, пожалуйста.

Я пришел рановато, да?

Неважно (через несколько минут появляется Белов).

О. г-н Блейк, рад вас видеть здесь. Как себя чувствуете?

Прекрасно. Спасибо. А как вы? Очень хорошо тоже. Спасибо. Сюда, пожалуйста, (они входят в зал заседаний и садятся)

Не хотите ли чашечку кофе?

С удовольствием. На улице очень холодно и сыро сегодня.

Да, за последнее время погода нас не балует.

Blake: But it's usually warm here in October. Now. Mr. Belov, how about our catalogues? Have you looked them through?

Belov: Sure. I've studied them closely. The new model is certainly very good.

Blake: Yes, it's of high quality. We've just started producing the model and we've already received a lot of orders.

Belov: I must say your machines meet our requirements and we are interested in buying them. Mr. Blake, have you seen our contract form?

Blake: Not yet.

Belov: Would you like to look it through?

Blake: Certainly.

Belov: Here you are, Mr. Blake. Please study our terms, and let's meet again next Tuesday.

Blake: All right. (That's settled. Agreed.) Good-bye.

Belov: Good-bye. Have a good time.

Но в октябре здесь обычно тепло. Кстати, г-н Белов, как насчет наших каталогов? Вы их просмотрели?
Конечно. Я тщательно их изучил. Новая модель, разумеется, весьма неплохая

Да, она высокого качества.

Мы как раз начали производить эту модель и получили массу заказов.

Я должен сказать, что ваши машины отвечают нашим требованиям, и мы заинтересованы в закупке их. Г-н Блейк, вы видели наш контракт?

Еще нет.

Просмотрите его, пожалуйста.


Вот, пожалуйста, г-н Блейк. Изучите наши условия, и давайте снова встретимся во вторник на следующей неделе.

Хорошо./Решено. Договорились./До свидания.

До свидания. Желаю хорошо провести время.


  1. Read the dialogue and learn unfamiliar words.

  2. Learn by heart Part В and act it out with a partner.

  3. Read the story and ask your partner the following questions:

  • Did you have an appointment with Mr. Belov the other day?

  • How did Mr. Belov receive you?

  • What were you mostly talking about?

  • What assessment did he give to your product?

  • How did he characterize the model?

  • Is he interested in buying the model?

  • What did he ask you to do? Was the deal settled?


Talking Business

The other day Belov, the General Director of Rosimport, and Mr. Turner, a representative of Lindon Tools Co. met at the Ministry of Foreign Trade to negotiate the purchase of a Flight Information Display System for a new Airport.

Belov: Good morning, Mr. Turner.

Happy to see you again.

Turner: I'm also pleased to see you.

В.: Will you take a seat, please. Did you have a nice journey?

Т.: Yes, thank you. I enjoyed the trip. It was very pleasant indeed.

В.: I'm glad to hear it. Now I'd like to discuss with you some particulars of our transaction. Our customers have studied all the technical characteristics of your system and give a high assessment to it. They meet their requirements.

Т.: I'm happy to hear it. We have been selling our equipment to many western countries. It's up to world standards and is in great demand on the world market.

В.: Now we can get down to discussing the commercial side of our deal (transaction), can't we? The first thing I'd like to clarify is the price.

Т.: Don't you find them attractive?

B: On the whole we do, but the prices for some items are a bit high.

На днях Белов, Генеральный директор "Росимпорта" и г-н Тэрнер, представитель компании "Линдон Тулз", встретились в Министерстве внешней торговли для проведения переговоров по закупке систем информации для авиапассажиров нового аэропорта.

Доброе утро, г-н Тэрнер. Очень рад снова встретить вас.

Мне тоже приятно видеть вас.

Садитесь, пожалуйста. Вы хорошо доехали?

Да, благодарю вас. Я получил удовольствие от поездки. Она оказалась очень приятной.

Рад это слышать. Я хотел бы обсудить с вами некоторые особенности нашей сделки. Наши заказчики (покупатели) изучили все технические характеристики вашей системы и дают ей высокую оценку. Они удовлетворяют их требованиям.

Рад слышать это. Мы продаем наше оборудование многим западным странам. Оно отвечает мировым стандартам и пользуется большим спросом на мировом рынке.

Теперь мы можем приступить к обсуждению коммерческой стороны нашей сделки, не так ли? Первое, что мне хотелось бы уточнить (выяснить), это цены.

Они не кажутся вам заманчивыми?

В целом да, но цены на некоторые изделия немного высоки.

Т.: I'm afraid 1 can't agree with you here. These items are completely new in design and they are the best on the world market.

В.: Nevertheless, could you find it possible to reduce the prices for articles (items) 3 and 9?

Т.: I'm afraid I must get in touch with my company and I'll give you the answer tomorrow.

В.: Good. Now comes the question of payment.

Т.: I hope payment for collection suits you.

В.: Yes. It does. Nina Chane Nina Chane Nina Chane Could you come here at 10.30 tomorrow to sign the contract?

Т.: No problem, Mr. Belov. Good-bye.

В.: Good-bye, Mr. Turner. See you tomorrow.
Боюсь, я не могу здесь с вами согласиться. Эти детали (части) совершенно новые по конструкции, и они считаются наилучшими на мировом рынке.

Тем не менее, могли бы вы, посчитать возможным, снизить цены на детали 3 и 9?

Боюсь, мне нужно связаться с моей компанией, и я дам вам ответ завтра.

Хорошо. Теперь вопрос об оплате.

Надеюсь, вас устраивает оплата за весь комплект (набор).

Да. И поскольку ваши условия доставки и время доставки вполне приемлемы, нам хотелось бы предложить вам изучить наш контракт (текст контракта). Не смогли бы вы прийти сюда в 10.30 завтра для подписания контракта?

Нет проблем, г-н Белов. До свидания.

До свидания, г-н Тэрнер. До завтра.

Read the dialogue, learn unfamiliar words and act it out with your partner.


Mr. Petrov, engineer of Ross export, is having talks in Moscow with Mr. Brown of British Asbestos Ltd. The British company is a regular importer of asbestos from Russia and has often dealt with the Russian trading organization. Mr. Brown has been instructed by his firm to sign another contract for asbestos.

Brown: Good afternoon! Nice to see you again, Mr. Petrov! You are looking well, I must say. How are things with you?

Petrov: Not bad, thank you. And how are you?

Brown: Fine, just fine. I always feel well in beautiful weather like this. We're having such a lot of rain in England now I am happy to be away. Well, I suppose we had better get down to business.

Petrov: Yes, certainly. You've come to sign another contract, haven't you?

Brown: That's right. For next year, actually.

Petrov: Are you happy with our usual terms – of delivery and payment?

Brown: Yes, quite. As a matter of fact, I've come here to talk about the price. I'd like to say that the volume of business in the building industry in our country has dropped considerably. This affected the prices of a number of building materials. In this situation it's quite natural we expect you to revise your prices for asbestos.

Petrov: I'm afraid this is not sufficient reason for us to lower the price.

Brown: But may I draw, your attention to the fact that we wish to increase the purchases by a few thousand tons if you could offer' us reduction in the price.

Petrov: I'm sorry to say, Mr. Brown, but we would not be able to make extra supplies available to you. We're planning to develop more industrial and housing projects. Besides, we're already tied up1 to contracts with other partners. Taking these factors into account we could offer you the same amount as last year.

Brown: Mr. Petrov, we've been in business with you for a long time. Also we've doubled our purchases over the past two years. Therefore we would be grateful to you if in view of all this you could reduce the price.

Petrov: All right. I think we could reduce it by 2%. But only on condition I that the price is subject to further negotiations for the second 1 half of the year. Brown: That's fine. I suppose that's the best we can do today.

Note: 1. to tie up — связывать


Mr. Carlson is at the office of Bridges and Co. Bank. He is having an appointment with Mr. Bridges. He is trying to get him interested in the new plant. He is holding a colorful brochure in his hand. He is showing it to Mr. Bridges.

  • So this is the design for the main plant. We are waiting for the chief engineer to give his approval.

  • 1 see. What are you doing at present?

  • We are improving the roads, and building a short railway line to the site.

  • What else are you building?

  • We are negotiating a contract with Manners Ltd. about providing bungalows for our engineers and workers.

  • What conditions are you offering?

  • We haven't yet settled the deal. We are still discussing it.

  • And machinery? Have you bought it yet?

  • We have placed some orders, but we are on the market for some more
    equipment. We are looking for some new specimens. We'd like to buy some grumble, reliable, cheap in maintenance, up-to-date lathes.

  • Yes, I see your point.

Practise reading the dialogues and act it out with your partner.


To negotiate a contract – обсудить условие контракта,

brochure [brә’fuә] – брошюра,
to settle a deal – заключить сделку,
design – проект, конструкция,
to place orders – разместить заказы,
approval – одобрение; approve – одобрять, утверждать.


S. Mr. Brown, have you any questions as regards the contract?

B. No, I think we have settled all the points under dispute.

S. Good. If some problems arise in the processor work we shall deal with them there and then.

Some principal points can be included into a supplement lo the contract upon mutual agreement.

B. Agreed.

S. Fine. In that case we'll tell our experts and lawyers to prepare the contract for signing.

З. Г-н Браун, есть ли у вас какие-либо вопросы по контракту?

Б. Нет, я считаю, что мы с вами разрешили все спорные вопросы.

З. Хорошо. Если в процессе работы возникнут вопросы, мы будем их решать оперативно в рабочем порядке.

Принципиальные вопросы по взаимной договоренности могут быть включены в дополнение к контракту.

Б. Согласен.

З. В таком случае мы поручим нашим экспертам и юристам подготовить контракт к подписанию.

I don't think, this purely technical work will take much time and we can sign the contract at... o'clock in the evening (morning).

B. I believe that time will be convenient for signing the contract. Mr. Serov, we’ve worked hard and fruitfully, so I think we deserve a good rest. I'd like to invite you to have dinner in a restaurant and make a tour of our city.

S. I'm very happy to accept your invitation, Mr. Brown. Let me once more thank you for the constructive way you helped to settle all the problems that were in the way of signing the contract.

Я думаю, что эта чисто техническая работа не займет много времени, и мы можем назначить подписание на ... вечера (утра).

Б. Думаю, что это удобное время для подписания контракта.
Г-н. Серов, мы с вами хорошо и Плодотворно поработали, и думаю, заслужили хороший отдых, Я приглашаю вас пообедать в ресторане и совершить небольшую поездку по городу.

З. Я с благодарностью принимаю ваше предложение, г-н. Браун, позвольте еще раз поблагодарить Вас за конструктивный деловой подход к решению вопросов, которые сдерживали подписание контракта.

Role play

Make up dialogues using the role cards. Act them out with your partner.



You are a customer negotiating a sales contract. You work for a company that produces yoghurt and want to buy 8 yoghurt-packaging machines from a supplier. Role-play the contract negotiations and remember to cover the following points:

• price and form of payment

• delivery time
• credit period

You are a supplier negotiating a sales contract. Your company produces packaging machines and you are selling some of them to a company that produces yoghurt. You hope to sell at least 10 machines. Role-play the contract negotiations and remember to cover the following points:

• price and form of payment

• delivery time
• credit period

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123456789 -> Пособие по изучению дисциплины Москва 2007 Рецензент: канд истор. Наук В. И. Хорин. Пименов В. И
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123456789 -> Учебная программа для высших учебных заведений по специальности
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  • Complete the following: expressions
  • Blake
  • Belov
  • Dialogue S