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Рабочая программа разработана в соответствии с фгос впо по направлению подготовки Бакалавр, утвержденным приказом Минобрнауки России от 22. 12. 2009 №780, и примерной ооп

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ТипРабочая программа
1   2   3

Choose the correct word.

e.g. Listen to __a__

a) the radio b) a book c) a magazine
1 Go for _____

a) swimming b) a run c) the gym

2 Play _____

a) the internet b) piano c) video games

3 Read _____

a) a video game b) a magazine c) the internet

4 Go _____

a) skiing b) a walk c) the cinema

5 Rent _____

a) a lesson b) a DVD c) the gym

6 Do _____

a) yoga b) the guitar c) run

7 Go to

a) the internet b) swimming c) a swimming pool

8 Surf _____

a) emails b) the internet c) water



Change these verbs into the negative.

e.g.I'm here on business. I'm not here on business.

1 Mehmet comes from Saudi Arabia.___________________________________________

2 We live in the city centre. ___________________________________________

3 I can swim. ___________________________________________

4 We're late. ___________________________________________

5 Mark often wears blue. ___________________________________________



Write the words for leisure activities

e.g. f o o t b a l l

1 s k _ _ n g

2 c l _ b _ _ _ g

3 s n _ _ b _ _ _ d _ _ _

4 s k _ _ _ b _ _ _ d _ _ _

5 r _ g b _



Put the word in brackets into the correct place

e.g. We go out with friends. (often) We often go out with friends.

1 I have lunch at home. (never) ______________________________________

2 We're early for lessons. (usually) ______________________________________

3 Justin goes to yoga class. (every week) ______________________________________

4 Lena has a haircut. (once a month) ______________________________________

6 Kate visits me on Mondays. (generally) ______________________________________



Correct the questions

e.g. Can I to help you? Can I help you?

1 Where the toilets, please? ____________________________________________

2 How long you are going to stay? ____________________________________________

3 What time it is? ____________________________________________

4 Which part of Canada you from? ____________________________________________

5 How much costs this? ____________________________________________

6 You speak English? ____________________________________________

7 Sorry, could you repeating that please? __________________________________________

8 How spelling 'daughter?' ____________________________________________



Write the 'he' form of the verbs.

e.g. I swim he swims
1 I study ________________________________________

2 I teach ________________________________________

3 I do ________________________________________

4 I pay ________________________________________

5 I get up ________________________________________

6 I've got ________________________________________



Приложение 3

Итоговый тест. Вариант A.
End of Level Test A

Grammar 1

Complete the gaps with either one word or the correct form of the verb in brackets.

e.g. In ___the__________ 1990s, I ____was working____ (work) in Madrid when I ____met__________ (meet) Mr. Haman.

A few years (1) _____________________ when I (2) _____________________ (live) in Krakow, Poland, my friend Jude and I (3) _____________________ (decide) to go away for a weekend into the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia to ski. Well, we (4) _____________________ (drive) about 60 kilometres when I (5) _____________________ (look) in my bag and found that I (6) _____________________ (leave) my passport at home! So we had to drive back to the city. It took us three hours because of the traffic jams.

When we eventually arrived at the border, it (7) _____________________ (snow) and there was ice on the road.(8) _____________________ one o’clock exactly, our car (9) _____________________ (hit) a tree by the side of the road because Jude (10) _____________________ (fall) asleep. The (11) _____________________ village was eight kilometres away.

We (12) _____________________ (get out) of the car, walked to the village, and stayed at (13) _____________________ small hotel that night. Next morning, when we went back to the car we (14) _____________________ (find) that someone (15) _____________________ (steal) our skis, our bags, everything!


Grammar 2

Choose the correct answer.

e.g. __c__ time with friends is important to me.

a) Spend b) Spent c) Spending

1 _____ eat a lot of pasta.

a) Italian people b) The Italian people c) An Italian person
2 There _____ food in the fridge.

a) ‘s any b) isn’t no c) ‘s no 3 After I _____ school I’m going to university.

a) ‘ll leave b) leave c) ‘m going to leave

4 We _____ have holidays abroad.

a) didn’t used to b) didn’t use to c) used

5 He can’t stand _____ games.

a) lose b) to lose c) losing

6 I _____ to Dan Seeger please.

a) like speaking b) like to speak c) ‘d like to speak

7 The dress _____ by Versace.

a) designed b) was designed c) was designing

8 I _____ this clock since my father died.

a) had b) ‘ve had c) ‘ve been having

9 When she arrived he _____.

a) had already left b) already had left c) was left

10 Do you like _____?

a) the jazz music b) listening jazz c) jazz music


Vocabulary 3

Write the correct word.
e.g. We had to q __ueue__ up for a long time for the exhibition.

1 Some rich people live on that small i_________________ in the middle of the river.

2 You should go to bed and try to k _________________ warm.

3 My father used to c _________________ coins.

4 Get up Sam! Don’t be so l _________________!

5 I’m a _________________ to cats. If I touch them I develop a rash.

6 Ana likes j _________________ so we could get her a ring or some earrings.

7 I hate i _________________ clothes!

8 You look very tanned. Have you been s _________________?

9 Oh no, I’ve brought my shaving cream but I’ve forgotten my r _________________.

10 My desk is a real mess but Jane’s is very o _________________.

11 You shouldn’t b _________________ money from friends.

12 To be a top sportswoman you need to be very m _________________.

13 I’m really tired. Let’s have a r _________________.

14 Smoking cigarettes is a real w _________________ of money.


Vocabulary 4

Choose a word from the box and put it in the correct place in the sentences 1 – 6.

make / if / like / if / how / make / like

e.g. You me laugh! You make me laugh!

1 What’s your new manager? ______________________________________

2 I’d like to buy a ticket for tonight possible.______________________________________

3 Sarah looks her mother. ______________________________________

4 Did the company a profit last year? ______________________________________

5 I wouldn’t sit there I were you. ______________________________________

6 Jenny, about going away for the weekend?______________________________________


Pronunciation 5

Is the pronunciation of the underlined sound the same S or different D?

e.g. desert storm _____D_________

1 fine sky ________________

2 machine washing up ________________

3 identity card lipstick ________________

4 favourite faint ________________

5 honest hotel ________________

6 won’t comb ________________

7 pills antibiotics ________________


Pronunciation 6

Is the stress in the words A or B?

A: Ooo B: oOo

e.g. identity _____B ___

dishwasher ____A____

1 temperature __________

2 sunglasses __________

3 committed __________

4 imagine __________

5 talented __________

6 develop __________

7 possessions __________

8 disciplined __________


Listening 7

Track 8

Listen to three people talking about a big change in their work and complete the gaps.

1 Eliza used to be a ____________________________.

2 Philip is the manager of a ____________________________.

3 Carla sells things on the ____________________________.

Listen again. Are the following statements True or False?

4 Eliza is married now. True/False

5 People get embarrassed when they can’t remember her name. True/False

6 She started living in Los Angeles 40 years ago. True/False

7 Next year she might travel around the world. True/False

8 Philip used to work very hard. True/False

9 He does all the cooking himself. True/False

10 He hasn’t had a holiday for three years. True/False

11 Carla loves shopping. True/False

12 She’d like to continue working for the rest of her life. True/False


Reading 8

1 Read the article and choose the best title a, b or c.

a Eating Out and Going to the Theatre are Londoners’ Favourite Activities

b Theatre in London – Who is going?

c London Restaurants are the best in the World


25% of Londoners say that visiting the theatre is the best way to spend an evening. However, their favourite choice is eating out (26%) and the third most popular is going to the pub (17%). Less popular is clubbing with only 2% of people saying it was their favourite activity.

13,000 people between the ages of 25 and 65 were questioned. They all worked in London, earned a good salary, and did not have any children. They were asked questions such as ‘How often do you go out in a week?’ and ‘Where do you go?’ ‘How much do you spend?’ and ‘How do you get home?’

People who lived in the south of London went out twice a week, usually spent £30 on a night out and got home by underground. West Londoners went out from 5 – 6 nights a week, enjoyed seeing plays and normally walked home. They spent about £60 each night and one in ten spent more than £100.

People from East London usually went out for two evenings every week, often including Wednesday and spent £20 each night. Their favourite activity was eating out and they went home by underground. North Londoners usually went out on Friday and Saturday evenings and liked eating at local restaurants. They usually spent £20 a night and went home by underground.

The theatre has become more popular in the last few years because film and TV stars and celebrities have come to London. For example, recently Gillian Anderson from ‘The X Files’ and Patrick Stewart from ‘Star Trek’ have appeared in plays. Kevin Spacey has become the manager of one of the oldest theatres, the Old Vic, and often appears in plays himself. Going to the theatre has become fashionable nowadays, particularly with younger people. At the same time, London theatres are full of tourists, especially for long-running musicals such as ‘Phantom of the Opera’ or ‘The Lion King.’

Restaurants in London are now thought to be some of the best in the world with famous chefs such as Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver having their own places. Also there’s a restaurant to keep everyone happy from Thai to Italian, and from Lebanese to Chinese. There are thousands of eating places in the city centre or locally.

To travel home at the end of an evening 52% use the underground, 31% a taxi or minicab, and 2% take their own car. Everyone else goes on foot. The number of people using taxis has gone up recently since the Mayor of London asked taxis to work later into the night. However, catching a taxi can be expensive and sometimes it’s easier and quicker to walk home.

Read the article again and complete the information in 2 – 12.
2 Londoners’ second favourite activity is ____________________________.

3 Going to the pub is ____________________________ than going clubbing.

4 All the people who were asked had ____________________________ in London.

5 They were asked about places, money and ____________________________.

6 The people who went out the most came from ____________________________ London.

7 The people who spent the least were from ____________________________ and ____________________________ London.

8 People from the ____________________________ often went home on foot.

9 If you go to the Old Vic you can sometimes see _________________________ in plays.

10 Jamie Oliver owns a _________________________ in London.

11 _________________________ people go home by underground.

12 There are _________________________ taxis now than there used to be.


Writing 9

EITHER: Write a story (true or imaginary) about ‘getting lost’ (80 – 110 words)

Write about:

Where did it happen?

When did it happen?

What happened?

How did you feel?

What happened in the end?

Write the answers to these questions from a magazine. (80 – 110 words)

What are you doing at the moment?

Where would you rather be?


What would you do there?

Where would you stay?

What’s the one place you’d like to visit before you die and why?



Каталог: University -> departments
University -> Датировка в лирике: типология и поэтика
University -> Русский национальный характер в малой прозе ф. А. Абрамова
University -> Проза а к. тОлстого: проблемы жанровой эволюции
University -> Русская классическая литература в восприятии и. А. Бунина и м. А. Алданова >10. 01. 01 Русская литература
University -> Урок Методы изучения наследственной изменчивости человека
University -> Иван Сергеевич Арцишевский Биография
University -> -
departments -> Э. Г. Вартаньян история стран азии и африки в новое время
1   2   3

  • Change these verbs into the negative.
  • Write the words for leisure activities
  • Put the word in brackets into the correct place
  • Приложение 3 Итоговый тест. Вариант A.
  • Choose the correct answer.
  • Choose a word from the box and put it in the correct place in the sentences 1 – 6.
  • Is the pronunciation of the underlined sound the same S or different D
  • Is the stress in the words A or B
  • Listen to three people talking about a big change in their work and complete the gaps.
  • 1 Read the article and choose the best title a, b or c.
  • Read the article again and complete the information in 2 – 12.
  • EITHER: Write a story (true or imaginary) about ‘getting lost’ (80 – 110 words)