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Учебное пособие Тюмень Тюмгнгу 2013 И(Англ) ббк 81. 2Англ-9 в 55 р ецензенты

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ТипУчебное пособие
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Complete the dialogue with necessary words.

Essential, immediately, regularly, anti-virus, checked, attachment.
Dialogue 1

  • Do you always reply to e-mails (1) _____?

  • Yes. I think it’s rude if you don’t reply as soon as you receive an e-mail. Don’t you do that?

  • No. I don’t reply at once unless it’s really (2) _____.

Dialogue 2

  • I sent you an e-mail earlier with an (3) _____. Did you get it?

  • Oh, I’m afraid I haven’t (4) _____ my e-mail today yet. I’ll do it now.

Dialogue 3

  • I keep getting viruses on my computer.

  • Ah, you will need to get some (5) _____ software.

Dialogue 4

  • Do you delete e-mails (6) _____?

  • Yes, every day. I have to, because I have so many, and most of them aren’t important.

  1. Write an e-mail to book a room at the hotel. Book a double room for four nights at the hotel. Ask for a room with a view of the sea. Ask about the Internet and other facilities (phone, television, room service, car parking etc.). Give your personal details.

  1. Translate the sentences into English:

  1. Вы можете выслать нам информацию по факсу?

  2. Какой у вас номер факса?

  3. Вы получили мой факс?

  4. Если Вы не являетесь получателем факса, сообщите об этом отправителю и немедленно уничтожьте документ.

  5. Если Вы получили не все страницы документа, пожалуйста, позвоните по номеру 123654.

  6. Вы получили мое электронное письмо?

  7. Я сразу же ответил на Ваше электронное письмо.

  8. Я получаю много спама по электронной почте.

  9. Он отправил мне электронное письмо с прикрепленным документом, но я не смог его прочитать.

  10. Какой у Вас адрес электронной почты?


  1. Useful phrases.

I would (I’d) like a ticket to Bahrain.

to book a flight (ticket)

night / morning flight

a single ticket / a one-way ticket

a return ticket / a two-way (round-trip) ticket

an open return (ticket)

return half

business class / economy class


latest time of reporting

two hours time difference

Я бы хотел один билет до Бахрейна.

забронировать билет

ночной / утренний рейс

билет в один конец

билет туда и обратно
билет туда и обратно с открытой датой обратно

обратный билет

бизнес-класс / эконом класс

имеющийся в наличии

последнее объявление регистрации

разница во времени 2 часа

When do you want to travel?

Tomorrow. / On Thursday.

Когда Вы хотите лететь?

Завтра. / В четверг.

I will (I’ll) call you___ / I’ll email you___ / I’ll text you ___
___when the tickets are ready. / ___when I have the details. / ___ as soon as I arrive.

Я Вам позвоню___ / напишу по электронной почте___ / отправлю сообщение___

___ когда билеты будут готовы. / ___ когда у меня будут все детали. / ___ как только я приеду.

You are (You’re) flying on Continental Airways. / Your flight number is CL217.

Вы летите рейсом компании Континентал Эирвейз. / Номер Вашего рейса СиЭл217.

What time is the flight due to depart? / (And) what time does it arrive in London?

It leaves at 09.15. / It arrives at 17.30.

Во сколько самолет отправляется? / (А) когда самолет прибывает в Лондон?

Он вылетает в 09.15. / Он прибывает в 17.30.

How much is it going to cost? / May I pay in cash?

It is (It’s) £600 one way. / It’s £900 return.

Сколько это будет стоить? / Можно заплатить наличными?

600 фунтов стерлингов в один конец. / 900 фунтов туда и обратно.

Where can I check in? / Is this the right check-in for Tokyo? / Where is the check-in desk?

Где я могу пройти регистрацию? / Это стойка регистрации рейса на Токио? / Где находится стойка регистрации?

Can I see your ticket, please? / Can I see your passport, please?

Можно Ваш билет, пожалуйста? / Можно Ваш паспорт, пожалуйста?

Can I have an aisle seat (seat neхt the exit) / a window seat / with leg room?

Можно мне место у прохода? / место у окна / место с большим пространством для ног

This is your boarding card (pass).

free of charge

excess weight

to board the plane

to announce

check-in desk


pay excess baggage (luggage)


duty-free shop

overhead locker
fasten your seatbelt


cabin crew

terminal building

baggage reclaim

Вот Ваш посадочный талон.

бесплатно (бесплатный)

перевес, излишний вес

садиться на самолет


стойка регистрации

пункт назначения

платить за перевес багажа


магазин, торгующий беспошлинными товарами

верхний отсек для багажа (в самолете)

пристегнуть ремень

взлетно-посадочная полоса

бригада бортпроводников

аэровокзал (здание аэровокзала)

выдача багажа

I’m flying to Los Angeles.

Я лечу в Лос-Анджелес.

Do I need to clear customs in Dallas?
No, you can clear customs in Los Angeles.

Нужно ли проходить таможенный контроль в Далласе?

Нет, Вы можете пройти таможенный досмотр в Лос-Анджелесе.

How many pieces of luggage do you have? – Just two pieces.

Is that your hand luggage? / Did you pack your cases (suitcases / bags) yourself?

boarding / gate (number) / departure (take-off) time / arrival (landing) time

Сколько у Вас мест багажа? –

Всего два.

Это ваша ручная кладь? / Вы сами упаковывали чемоданы (чемоданы / сумки)?

посадка (на рейс) / выход / время вылета (отправления) / время прибытия

I think you are (you’re) in the wrong seat. This seat is A5. / I’m sorry. / No problem.

Я думаю, Вы ошиблись местом. Это место А5. / Извините. / Ничего страшного.

What time do we arrive in (into) Hong Kong?

We are (We’re) due at five. / We expect to land in twenty minutes.

Are we on time?

Когда мы прибываем в Гонконг?
Мы должны прилететь в 5. / Предполагается, что мы приземлимся через 20 минут.

Мы не опаздываем?

When do you serve lunch?

In three quarters of an hour. / In a quarter of an hour. / In half an hour. / In thirty minutes.

Когда вы подаете ленч?

Через 45 минут. / Через четверть часа. / Через полчаса. / Через 20 минут.

Have you got today’s newspapers / this month’s magazines?

I am (I’m) sorry we have not (haven’t). / I will (I’ll) try and find one for you.

У вас есть сегодняшние газеты? / журналы этого месяца?

К сожалению, нет. / Я постараюсь найти для Вас.

Can I have a fruit juice, please?
How much is that?

It is (It’s) three dollars.

Thank you.

Можно мне фруктовый сок, пожалуйста?

Сколько он стоит?

3 доллара.


Itinerary [ai´tin(ə)rəri]

departure gate

emergency exit

to delay

to serve the food

direct (non-stop) flight

flight attendant


to be airsick


выход на посадку

аварийный выход


подавать еду

прямой рейс (беспосадочный полет)



плохо чувствовать себя в самолете (испытывать тошноту)

  1. Read and translate the following dialogues. Play out one or two of them.

Booking Airline Tickets
Dialogue 1

  • I want to fly to Geneva on or about the first.

  • I’ll just see what there is.

  • I want to go economy, and I’d prefer in the morning.

  • Lufthansa Flight LH 203 leaves at 9.20.

  • What time do I have to be there?

  • The coach leaves for the airport at 8.15.

Dialogue 2

  • I’d like to book a flight to Munich for Monday the tenth.

  • I’ll have a look in the time-table for you.

  • I’ll need an economy class open return.

  • KLM have got a DC-9 leaving at 9.25.

  • What else ought I to know?

  • The latest time of reporting is 8.35 at the airport.

Dialogue 3

  • What flights are there from London to Vienna tomorrow?

  • If you’d like to take a seat, I’ll find out for you.

  • I’d like to travel first class, please.

  • BEA Flight BE 502 takes off from Heathrow at 9.25 and flies direct.

  • What time have I got to get there?

  • You’ll have to be at West London Air Terminal by 8.10 as the latest.

Dialogue 4

  • Are there any planes to Zurich on a Sunday?

  • If you excuse me for a second, I’ll check.

  • By the way, I don’t want a night flight.

  • There is a Swissair Trident out of London at 9.10.

  • When am I supposed to check in?

  • If you are going to the airport, you must be there before 8.25.

Dialogue 5

  • Good morning. What can I do for you?

  • I want to fly to London. Are there any seats available on Wednesday, next week?

  • Are you flying alone, sir?

  • Yes.

  • What class?

  • Economy.

  • Just a moment, sir. I’ll check. Yes, there are a few seats left.

  • Fine.

  • What is your name, sir?

  • James Brown.

  • As a rule, we sell return tickets too. You can buy an open return.

  • OK. How much is it?

  • 435 dollar, including airport taxes.

  • May I pay in cash?

  • Certainly, sir. Here you are. Flight PS501

  • What time is the flight due to depart?

  • It leaves at 8.55 a.m. But you must check in one hour prior to departure, sit.

  • And what time does it arrive in London?

  • 10.30. Local time. There’s two hours time difference, you know.

At the Airport
Dialogue 6

  • Excuse me, can I check-in for Manila here?

  • Yes, sir. Can I see your ticket and your passport, please? Thank you. Would you like an aisle seat or a window seat?

  • An aisle seat, please – if possible.

Dialogue 7

  • Do I have to clear customs in Helsinki?

  • No, it’s a through flight. There are customs facilities in Tampere. Do you have any hand luggage?

  • Yes, one piece.

  • Did you pack your bag yourself?

  • Yes, I did.

Dialogue 8

  • Can I have your ticket, please?

  • Yes, of course.

  • Thank you. How many suitcases have you got?

  • Just one.

  • Have you got much hand luggage?

  • Just this bag.

  • That’s fine.

  • Oh, can I have a seat next to the window?

  • Yes, that’s OK. Here’s your boarding pass. Have a nice flight!

Dialogue 9

  • Excuse me, is this the right check-in for Dallas?

  • Yes, it is. Can I see your ticket and passport, please? …And how many bags do you have to check in?

  • None, I just have hand luggage. Can I have an aisle seat?

  • Yes, we have one left.

  • Good, I have long legs so I need some space! I’m flying on to Los Angeles – it’s a long flight. Do I need to clear customs in Dallas?

  • No, you can clear customs in Los Angeles.

  • Fine.

  • Here’s your boarding card. It’s Gate 16, boarding at 4.10. Have a good flight.

  • Thank you.

Dialogue 10

  • Excuse me! Where the departure gate for flight 645 Boston – New-York? The boarding has just been announced, and I haven’t checked in yet.

  • Hurry up! The plane’s taking off in half an hour. What’s your company?

  • BOAC.

  • Your check-in desk is over there. You get your boarding pass and leave your luggage right at the desk.

  • By the way, how much luggage is allowed free of charge?

  • No more than 30 kilograms. And you certainly have to pay for excess weight.

On Board
Dialogue 11

  • Would you like a drink, sir?

  • Yes, a mineral water, please.

  • Ice and lemon?

  • Just lemon. And have you got today’s English newspapers?

  • No, I’m afraid I haven’t. I’ll try and find one for you later.

  • Thank you.

Dialogue 12

  • Tea or coffee?

  • Tea, please.

  • Milk?

  • Yes, please.

  • Sugar?

  • No, Thanks. …And do you know when we get into Sydney?

  • We’re due in at five o’clock, but I think we’re going to be late.

Dialogue 13

  • Excuse me, I think that’s my seat.

  • Oh, I’m sorry. I’ll move.

  • Can I put your bag up for you?

  • Yes, please. Thanks.

  • Do you need your coat?

  • Yes, please.

Dialogue 14

  • Look! The take-off time is 15.30, and they haven’t started the engines yet. Something is up, I’m afraid. Where’s the emergency exit?

  • Come on! Don’t worry! The flight is delayed by half an hour. We’ll take off at 16.00. There’s nothing to be afraid of.

  • I don’t like this plane. Next time we’ll fly by Panam.

  • Panam doesn’t fly its planes to Austin.

  • Why did you take the economy class? The business class is much more comfortable. And they serve food there.

  • We had a meal half an hour ago. And didn’t you tell me that you hate to travel business class?

  • Oh, my!.. How long is the flight to Austin?

  • The landing time is 17.30. Two hours all in all.

  • Is it a direct flight or do we stop anywhere?

  • No, it’s a non-stop flight. Is there anything else?

  • Yes…No…Yes! I’m already airsick. Call the flight attendant, please!

Dialogue 15

  • Excuse me, what time do we arrive in Frankfurt?

  • We’re due in at 10.15, but unfortunately we’re going to be half an hour late. Would you like a drink from the bar?

  • Yes, please. Can I have a mineral water? Thank you. How much is it?

  • Nothing, sir. The drinks are complimentary.

  1. Practise saying what flight you prefer.

I need

a first class

and I prefer

a night flight

a business class

a morning flight

an economy class

an evening flight

a first class, open return

an afternoon flight

a tourist class

a morning flight

  1. Put the sentences into the right place in the dialogue:

S: Grand Tour Agency. Susan Sharp speaking.

H: Hello, Susan. This is Hans Bradly. I need to send two of our sales managers to Rome next week. (1) __________?

S: OK. (2) __________?

H: Monday October 14th.

S: And if you want to book a return flight I must ask you: (3) __________

H: Four days. They would like to come back on the night of the 17th. (4) __________?

S: Let me have a look. There is a flight at 8.50 p.m. with British Airlines.

H: (5) __________?

S: Fortunately, there are. I’ve just called it up on the screen. Shall I reserve two right now?

H: Yes, please. And make it Business Class, OK? (6) __________?

S: In three or four days. I’ll send them to you as soon as they arrive.

  1. How long are they staying?

  2. Are there any seats available?

  3. When will the tickets come?

  4. When do they plan to leave?

  5. What are the options?

  6. Are there any British Airlines flights about that time?

  1. Read the dialogues and answer the questions to them.

Dialogue 1

  • I’d like a return ticket to Paris.

  • Business class or economy?

  • Business class.

  • When do you want to travel?

  • On Thursday. I need to be there before lunch.

  • There’s an Ocean Air flight. It leaves at 05.50 from Istanbul Ataturk airport and arrives at Charles De Gaulle airport at 10.15.

  • How much is the ticket going to cost?

  • It’s €575 one way and €850 return.

  • I’d like a return, please. With the return details left open. Will you let me know when you have the ticket?

  • This is an e-ticket. You just show your passport at the check-in. We’ll email you an itinerary as soon as the booking is confirmed.


  1. Where does the traveller want to go?

  2. What kind of tickets does he want?

  3. When does he want to travel?

  4. When does the flight leave?

  5. What time does it arrive?

  6. Is he travelling by Air France?

  7. Does he get a single or a return?

  8. How much is it?

Dialogue 2

  • I’d like a return ticket to Bahrain.

  • When do you want to travel?

  • On Thursday the 19th.

  • Business or economy class?

  • Business, please.

  • There’s a Continental Airlines flight at 09.30. It arrives in Bahrain at 16.00.


  1. What kind of ticket does the traveller want?

  2. When does the flight arrive to Bahrain?

Dialogue 3

  • I’d like a first class return to Barbados.

  • When do you want to travel?

  • Tomorrow.

  • Okay, I’ll call you when the seats are booked.

  • How much is it going to cost?

  • Around four thousand dollars.


  1. When does the traveller want to travel?

  2. How much is it going to cost?

Dialogue 4

  • There are two flights tomorrow: one at 11.00 and one at 14.05.

  • When does the 14.05 arrive?

  • At 17.40. Shall I book it?

  • Yes, please.

  • I’ll email you when I have the details.


  1. Does the 11.0 flight arrive at 17.40?

  2. Which flight is the traveller going to take?

  1. In pairs, use the flowchart to practise booking airline tickets.

I’d like [return] ticket to__.

Business class or economy?


When do you want to travel?

I’d like to travel on ___ (at ___).

I will email / call / text you when I have the details.

Yes, please. / No, thank you.

It’s _____ one way.

It’s _____ return. Shall I book it?

How much is the ticket going to cost?

There’s a [British Airways] flight on ___. (It leaves at___. It arrives at___.)

1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10   ...   14

  • Dialogue 3 I keep getting viruses on my computer. Ah, you will need to get some (5) _____ software. Dialogue 4
  • Translate the sentences into English
  • Read and translate the following dialogues. Play out one or two of them. Booking Airline Tickets Dialogue 1
  • At the Airport Dialogue 6
  • On Board Dialogue 11
  • Practise saying what flight you prefer.
  • Put the sentences into the right place in the dialogue
  • Read the dialogues and answer the questions to them. Dialogue 1
  • Questions What kind of ticket does the traveller want When does the flight arrive to Bahrain Dialogue 3
  • Questions When does the traveller want to travel How much is it going to cost Dialogue 4
  • In pairs, use the flowchart to practise booking airline tickets.