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План-конспект урока по английскому языку для 11 класса по теме : «Mark Twain is a Great American Writer»

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План-конспект урока

по английскому языку для 11 класса

по теме:

«Mark Twain is a Great American Writer»


Таранова Елена Александровна,

учитель английского языка

Горловского лицея № 85 «Гармония»

г.Горловка 2015

Literature 11 Form Mark Twain “The Adventure of Tom Sawyer”
Тема «Mark Twain is a Great American Writer”
Тип урока: Урок совершенствования речевых навыков
Цели урока:

учебная – совершенствование лексических навыков в разных видах речевой деятельности;

познавательная – знакомство с фактами из биографии Марка Твена и произведением «Приключения Тома Сойера»;

развивающая – развитие умения работать самостоятельно и в парах.
Задачи урока: знакомство с новой лексикой, практическое употребление лексических единиц, обучение чтению, аудированию с извлечением необходимой информации, формирование и развитие языковых, речевых умений в устной речи на базе прочитанного текста.

Vocabulary: ways to move

Reading: an extract from The Adventure of Tom Sawyer (multiple choice)

Skills - reading for specific information

- reading for detailed comprehension

Writing: a diary entry (writing in role)


  1. Организационный момент.

Т. Good morning , dear friends, good morning, dear guests. I am glad to meet you. We are going to talk about Mark Twain, the great American writer, some of whose works are very popular with children all over the world.

Checking up home task .

  1. 1. Focus V Introducing the author Mark Twain Биография Марка Твена.

What do you know about this famous American writer?

Учащиеся рассказывают о Марке Твене. Приложение 1.

Презентация о Марке Твене. Слайд 1-8.

  • Introduce the name Mark Twain to Ss and ask them to think of three things they would like to know about him.

  • Ss read the biography. Ask if their questions were answered.

  • As an extension, Ss may do some research to answer any questions that they may have had that were not answered in the biography provided

Suggested Answer Key

I know that Mark Twain is an American writer. I would like to know what kind of books he wrote and when he lived.

Работа с книгой.

Let’s pass over to the most popular book “The Advantures of Tom Sawyer”. Open your books, p.70.

а) Прослушивание текста (аудиозапись);

б) Выполнение упражнения № 2 после текста;

в) работа с выделенными и подчеркнутыми словами;

- описание картинки к тексту

г) узнай героя (учащимся даётся 3-5 минут);

д) краткое содержание текста;

е) работа с мудрыми цитатами

  1. Focus V Reading for detailed comprehension

  • Read the text aloud to the class, inviting individual Ss to read the characters' dialogue.

  • Explain the task. Ss answer individually.

  • Invite Ss to read out

Answer Key

1 D 2 B 3 B 4 D 5 B 6 D

  1. Focus V Matching words to their meanings

  • Direct Ss' attention to the words in bold.

  • Allow Ss time to match the words with their meanings.

Answer Key

stretch: extent протяжение, отрезок

glimpsed: caught sight of мимолетный взгляд

laboured: struggled работающий

hailed: called окликнувший

rowed: took by boat грести

tracked out: found выслеживать

strung: hung натягивать

admitted: let in быть допущенным

drowned: pushed under water and died утонуть

fetch: bring достать, принести чего-нибудь
Answer Key
with an eager audience about him: a group of people very interested to hear him

putting my many striking additions: adding interesting and exciting details to the story

were not to be shaken off: did not go away easily

I’ve not the least doubt: I believe it to be true

  1. Focus V Completing sentences using the correct verbs

  • Ss books closed, write the word ‘move' in the middle of the board and brainstorm verbs to describe movement with the Ss.

  • Ss' books open, Ss read the list of verbs in Ex. 4 and compare.

  • Explain the task. Ss answer individually.

  • Check Ss' answers.

Answer Key

1. sprinted - бежать на кор

короткую дистанцию 4. dawdle - слоняться без дела 7 wandering

2. stomped- топать

5. crept- ползти

3. crawling- ползком

6. fumble- нащупывать, шарить 7. wandering- скитание

Tom and Becky ‘groped’.

V. Узнай героя.

He is a boy with ideas. He goes to school, but he hates it. He likes to play. He knows many interesting games. He has many friends. His best friends are Huck and Joe. He has no mother and father but he has got an aunt. He likes fishing, playing games, Becky and sugar. He doesn’t like school. What is his name? (Tom Sawyer) Слайд 9

She is neither very small nor very tall. Her hair is grey. She wears a dark dress. She takes care about her house and her family. Her hobby is cooking. She doesn’t go to school. I think she loves Tom very much and Tom loves her. What is her name? (Aunt Polly) Слайд 10

She has got a father and a mother. She lives in a big house. She goes to school every day. She can read and write. She is little. She is a beautiful girl. Who is she? (Becky Thatcher) Слайд 11

  1. Мудрые цитаты Марка Твена.

Famous Twain’s Quotes (раздаются карточки):

On advice to kids.

  1. Always obey your parents when they are present.

  2. Always respect your superiors if you have any.

On being good.

  1. Honor is a harder master than law.

  2. Do you duty today and respect tomorrow.

On Books.

  1. If books are not good company, where will I find it?

  2. Books are the liberated spirits of men.

On Truth,

  1. When in doubt, tell the truth.

  2. If you tell truth you do’t have to remember anything.

Do you agree with the statements? Why? Why not?

  1. Подведение итогов урока.

  1. Домашнее задание:


  1. Focus V Writing a diary entry

  • Ask Ss to choose one of the characters and get in role.

  • Ss prepare a list of thoughts and feelings for their experience in the cave before they start writing.

  • Allow Ss time to write their diary entries. (запись дневника)

  • Ss read their entries to a partner.

Suggested Answer Key


Me an’ Becky found the entrance to the cave and I suggested goin’ in. Becky like a girl resisted but after much persuasion stepped in an’ the adventure began.

Becky won’t stop cryin’ and I’m mighty hungry. I don’t know where we went wrong but that entrance jus’ seemed to vanish like your shadow at night. I can’t let Becky see how frighted I am cus’ that’s not how men are. We’ll just keep on and keep hopin’

Приложение 1

Mark Twain, whose real name was Samuel Clemens, was born in 1835. This great American writer was the son of a lawyer. He spent his boyhood in the small town of Hannibal on the great Mississippi river. There he went to school and had many friends. He was a bright lovely boy. He could easily swim across the Mississippi and was the leader in all the boys’ games.

In 1847, when Samuel was eleven, his father died and the boy had to leave school and look for work. For ten years he worked as a printer. All his life Samuel was fond of reading. While he was a printer he spent his free time in libraries. He began ti write for newspapers and other publications, sent travel letters to them as he travelled about the country from job to job. In 1857 he found a job on a boat and travelled up and down the Mississippi. This is where he got his pen-name “Mark Twain” (mark two). It was taken from the call of the Mississippi pilots when they measured the depth of the river. Clemens worked as a pilot for more than four years.

Later the young man went to Nevada where silver had been discovered. He worked as a miner for some time in Nevada. He suffered great hardships but found no silver and left the mining camps as poor as he had come to them. That time he began ti write short stories and send them to newspapers. The publisher of one newspaper liked them and he was invited to work as a journalist. The writer’s pen-name appeared in print for the first time in 1863. Samuel started his literary career as a humorist. His humorous stories about the life of common people of America became very popular.

In 1876 Mark Twain’s “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” was published. As Mark Twain said later, many of the events described in the biio really took place and the characters came from real life. Tom Sawyer was very often the portrait of the writer himself, Huckleberry Finn was his friend, Aunt Polly was his mother, Tom’s brother Sid was like his own brother.

  • План-конспект урока
  • “The Adventure of Tom Sawyer”
  • 1. Focus
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